Excellence Begins Here

A great company starts at the top and Moorings Park is no exception. Moorings Park is governed by a local Board of Directors comprised of many leaders in the greater community who volunteer their time and are an integral part in the strategic direction of the organization.

  • Wally Abbott
    Wally Abbott *
  • Richard Akin
    Richard Akin
  • Marcelo Alvarez
    Alvarez *
  • Pat M. Barton
    Pat M. Barton
  • Dr. Renate Boer
    Dr. Renate
    Boer *
  • Dr. Sherie Brezina
    Dr. Sherie Brezina
  • Dr. Charles Buck
    Dr. Charles Buck
  • Jack L. Butts
    Jack L. Butts
  • Catherine Campbell
    Catherine Campbell
  • Eileen Connolly-Keesler
    Eileen Connolly-Keesler *
  • Dudley Goodlette
    Dudley Goodlette
  • Guenther Gosch
    Guenther Gosch
  • Jack Hall
    Jack Hall *
  • Dr. Denise Heinemann
    Dr. Denise Heinemann
  • Michael Hole
    Michael Hole
  • Alan Horton
    Alan Horton *
  • Dr. Robert R. Jones
    Dr. Robert R. Jones
  • Alan Korest
    Alan Korest
  • Tara Lansen
    Tara Lansen
  • Dan Lavender
    Dan Lavender
  • Dr. John Little
    Dr. John Little
  • Laurie Morss
    Laurie Morss
  • Laurie Phillips
    Laurie Phillips
  • Greg Russo
    Greg Russo
  • Karl Sheffield
    Karl Sheffield
  • Chris Simoneau
    Simoneau *
  • Dan Spintman
    Dan Spintman
  • Tom Taylor
    Tom Taylor
  • Dr. Ara Volkan
    Dr. Ara Volkan
  • Michael Weir
    Michael Weir
  • Susan Wolff
    Susan Wolff
  • Michael Wynn
    Michael Wynn
  • Fred Yanni
    Fred Yanni

* Moorings Park Foundation, Incorporated