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The Best Brunches in Naples, Florida

March 09, 2020

Naples, Florida is home to a delectable dining scene and, for those of you who consider yourselves brunch enthusiasts, there are a few local menus here that will delight your palate. Below is a selection of some of the best places to find brunch in Naples.

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Three Tips to Prevent Sarcopenia (Age-Related Muscle Loss)

March 04, 2020

After the age of 30, the average individual loses approximately 3-5% of their muscle mass each decade. This is known as sarcopenia. Over time, that loss grows exponentially quicker, especially in the older population. Follow these three tips and slow down the onset of sarcopenia, before it slows you down. 

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Stay Active in Naples, FL With Fantastic Walking Trails

February 24, 2020

When it comes to a form of exercise that's enjoyable, low-impact, and convenient, nothing beats a good walk. Developing the habit of walking everyday has a wealth of health benefits for seniors, from improving cardiovascular health to reducing arthritis by lubricating the knee and hip joints. Beyond all these great physical effects,...

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The Best Wine Shops in Naples, Florida

February 10, 2020

Naples, Florida is a paradise and no paradise is complete without an incredible selection of local, regional, and world-class wines. Luckily, Naples is home to some of the finest wine shops in Florida. The following establishments not only have incredible wines in their inventories, but they also seek to cater to and educate customers in...

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The Importance of Staying Social as We Age

January 27, 2020

While you may be aware of the importance of staying physically active as you age to maintain your physical and mental health, did you know that staying socially active is equally important to your overall health? 

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The Beacon Award for Best in Wellness: Recognizing the Top 25 Senior Living Communities

January 20, 2020

As more Americans transition into retirement, there is an increasing number of retirees looking for senior living communities. They want a comfortable environment with luxury residential options and ongoing access to wellness and healthcare. But perhaps, none has done it better than Moorings Park. The Beacon Award, originally created by...

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Three Exercises to Help Reverse Bad Posture

January 13, 2020

When posture is neglected due to the activities of daily living, the body is likely to find the least strenuous way to perform its tasks. Unfortunately, this may mean a rounded back and inefficient use of our musculoskeletal system. How can you remedy this? Commit yourself to performing these three exercises regularly and your spine will...

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Assisted Living and Memory Care Residences Available

January 09, 2020

Residents of Moorings Park, Moorings Park at Grey Oaks, as well as those who reside in the greater Naples area, can rest easy knowing that, should the need arise, Assisted Living and Memory Care services are available in Oakstone or Orchid Terrace.

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Showcase of Homes Planned for Late February

January 09, 2020

Moorings Park will hold its popular Showcase of Homes on Friday, February 28, at its 83-acre campus located off Goodlette-Frank Road, just south of Pine Ridge Road. 

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Moorings Park Grande Lake Taking Shape

January 09, 2020

There’s exciting news coming from Moorings Park Grande Lake. The first three buildings in the Life Plan Community are scheduled to be completed this Spring, and its first residents can’t wait.

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