A Glimpse into the Future: Design and Real Estate Insights

April 18, 2024


The Naples’ Design and Real Estate Event, hosted at Moorings Park Grande Lake, offered an exclusive peek into the evolving worlds of Naples real estate and interior design. This captivating event brought together interested baby boomers and seniors in the community’s grand theatre where they were treated to a morning of insightful discussions led by industry leaders.

Shaping the Essence of Home

Diana Hall, President of Diana Hall Design, took the audience on an informative journey through this year’s interior design trends. 

"Today, it's all about embracing textures and organic materials; bringing a sense of nature and authenticity into Moorings Park Grande Lake’s homes," Diana shared, highlighting the trend of integrating natural wood tones and textures in light fixtures, walls, and ceilings.

Another notable trend Diana spotlighted was the evolution of kitchen aesthetics: 

"Kitchens are becoming not just functional spaces but artistic expressions, with statement hoods and a mix of sleek, modern designs alongside colorful and contrasting elements," she observed.

Diana also delved into the importance of personalization and tranquility in home design: 

"Creating spaces that serve as sanctuaries of peace and personal reflection has never been more important. It's about designing homes that allow you to disconnect and rejuvenate," she noted, emphasizing the role of serene elements like Venetian plaster and curved walls.

Envisioning Personalized Spaces

Elizabeth Manchego, Senior Interior Designer at Diana Hall Design, underscored the significance of creating personalized living spaces. 

“We spend most of our time throughout the day solving problems and carrying out tasks, some more strenuous than others. Having a personalized space to decompress and relax after a long day can bring added peace to your life and help create a disconnection from the world outside your door. Society has developed a longing for relaxation and are wanting to incorporate that spa retreat style into their homes, particularly in the primary bedroom,” Elizabeth reflected.

"Incorporating spa retreat styles has become a growing desire among homeowners, aiming to bring relaxation and luxury into everyday living,” said Elizabeth, highlighting the increased use of organic materials and monochromatic color schemes. "The trend towards 'zenrenity', a blend of Zen and serenity, is evident in the use of materials that mimic rattan, concrete, and other natural textures, promoting a deep connection with nature," she elaborated.

The Art of Planning Your Perfectly Designed Home

Melissa Allen of Romanza Interior Design offered a comprehensive guide to thoughtfully planning the move to your new residence at Moorings Park Communities. Her segment underscored the timeline and meticulous planning that goes into creating the perfect home, from the essential preliminary steps to the thrill of seeing your vision come to life. 

Design and Real Estate 1

Determining your style identity as you transition from one home to another is one of the most transformative aspects of moving. From the moment you decide on purchasing a residence, Melissa emphasizes the importance of considering a designer to guide you through these changes. 

"Embarking on your design journey starts with the right team," she said, explaining that a designer's role is to align your vision with the realities of your new space. "It's about embracing change while honoring your tastes. Consider using a mix of colors, textures, and scale to blend styles seamlessly, ensuring that your new environment feels both fresh and familiar.”

As you move closer to the 12- to 18-month mark before closing, the process of editing begins. This critical stage involves categorizing your belongings into what must be kept, items you'd like to bring if they fit, and things you may donate. Melissa advocates for meticulous measurements and cataloging of the furniture and artwork you plan to bring. 

“It’s an emotional and reflective time,” Melissa acknowledged, “but also a chance to redefine your living space. Keep photographs and detailed notes. This not only helps in placement but also ensures that each piece contributes to the overall aesthetic.”

Design and Real Estate 2Melissa Allen brings the tropics indoors in a luxury residence in Moorings Park Grande Lake.

As the closing date approaches, Melissa underscores the importance of scale. This is when thinking outside the box becomes essential, as what you may assume will work in your new space might require reevaluation. Bringing together the vision involves finalizing the color palette, selecting supporting furnishings, and choosing accessories. 

"These elements are the symphony to your space's melody, creating a harmonious living experience," Melissa remarked. "Everything must fit, not just physically but visually."

For those who can visit a model, Melissa suggests walking through with your items in mind to visualize the space, revisiting each time with a focus on a different aspect of decorating. 

"Pay attention to ceiling heights, lighting fixtures, and window openings considering how your items will scale on the actual floor plan," she advised. 

Melissa wrapped up with advice on timing: 

"Engage with a designer early. Although the situation has improved, navigating furniture vendors' lead times can still be daunting. Working with a designer can provide an advantage, offering access to resources and knowledge that streamline the process. Their expertise can help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure that when you close on the unit, your design team is ready to partner with the builder for installation and those final defining touches."

Real Estate Trends, Sales Dynamics, and Strategies for an Evolving Market

Vicki Tracy, Chief Operating Officer & Legal Counsel of Gulf Coast International Properties, offered an invaluable perspective on the Naples real estate market, highlighting the current landscape and future projections. 

Vicki started by addressing the marked increase in overall inventory, depicted in the following graphic. showing a 159% rise compared to the previous year, with 4,639 units now available. 

"This surge in inventory signals a more diverse and accommodating market for buyers," Vicki stated, indicating that there is newfound buoyancy in the market.

Design and Real Estate 3

The influx of 1,780 new listings, a 129% increase, was another focal point of her presentation. 

"This significant rise in new listings offers a clear indication that the market is welcoming, and sellers are feeling more confident than ever about listing their properties."

The median sales price in Southwest Florida saw a modest decline to $607,000. 

"A slight decrease in median sales price is not a deterrent but rather an opportunity for buyers to engage with the market to find real value." 

She further highlighted the 15% increase in days on the market, now at 61 days on average. 

"This slight extension offers buyers more time to deliberate and sellers more time to attract the right buyer," she explained, assuring the audience of a balanced market.

In providing strategic advice for those navigating the Naples real estate market, Vicki underscored the importance of understanding the current market's landscape. 

"Whether you are buying or selling, it's imperative to have a trusted agent with deep market knowledge. The right agent can guide you through these times with a seasoned perspective," she advised.

For those considering selling, she was emphatic: 

"Don't hold out for a market peak that may not return. Take advantage of the current opportunities." 

Vicki also suggested considering leaseback options, which can offer valuable flexibility for  residents awaiting their new homes. As depicted in the NABOR chart below, home sale prices have held relatively steady from the highs of 2020. As Vicki puts it, “now is a great time to start the process of putting your house on the market before we see too much inventory.”

Design and Real Estate 4

Inspiring Design and Real Estate Futures

The Design and Real Estate Event at Moorings Park Grande Lake not only provided a platform for learning but also showcased Moorings Park Grande Lake’s commitment to fostering a community that remains well-informed and forward-thinking. 

As the Moorings Park Communities team anticipate hosting more enriching events that navigate the future of design and real estate, they remain devoted to ensuring Moorings Park Grande Lake is synonymous with innovation, luxury, and community engagement. For more information on upcoming events and to become part of Moorings Park Grande Lake’s vibrant community, visit the Moorings Park Grande Lake website or reach out at 239-261-1616. 

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