5 Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training for Seniors

January 18, 2021


Though high-intensity interval training (HIIT) may sound a bit intimidating, it’s actually a fun way to get moving and improve your overall health. HIIT is a highly efficient mode of exercise that is a well-established beneficial exercise method for all age groups and especially good for seniors.

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What Is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

High-intensity interval training involves short bursts of intense workouts alternating with low-intensity recovery periods. By combining periods of low-effort activity and bursts of intensity, your body can experience more effective training than is possible through a single level of activity.  Regardless of how short the exercise period is, it can generate health benefits equivalent to twice as much moderate-intensity workout.

HIIT involves a variety of activities that you can choose from, such as a group fitness class, cardio equipment or biking, depending on your fitness level. This training gets and retains your heart rate up and burns the extra fat in less time. 

So just what are the benefits, you ask?

1. Improved Memory

Adding HIIT into your fitness routine gives you a memory boost. Precisely, it heightens your high-interference memory in that you can tell two memories or similar things apart.

2. Supports Maximum Fat Burning

If you are struggling to reduce your body weight, HIIT might be your go-to solution. It works to minimize your body's unhealthy fat in a shorter amount of time. You are able to burn fat in a fraction of the time you use on a moderate-intensity workout. 

3. HIIT Continues to Burn for Hours After Training

As a result of the exercise's intensity, HIIT can elevate your metabolism for hours after the training. This leads to more calories and body fat being burned for many hours after the workout. High-intensity exercise also shifts your body's metabolism toward the consummation of fat for energy, instead of carbs. 

4. You Might Actually Gain Muscle

HIIT may also help you to increase muscle mass. When metabolism is high, hormone levels also tend to increase. Production of more growth hormones promotes muscle growth and maintenance as fat is continually being broken down. Strong muscles help protect your body’s organs and bones, keeping you healthy and making you look better.

5. It Can Reduce Blood Sugar and Pressure

Another reason why you should try HIIT is your heart's health. HIIT may actually reduce blood pressure more than the regularly recommended traditional endurance training. However, it is worth noting that HIIT does not change pressure if you have normal blood pressure. 

Alongside reducing blood sugar, high-intensity exercise improves insulin resistance more than moderate-intensity exercise. Whether you are healthy or diabetic, these improvements are a positive.

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