5 Facts About Assisted Living That May Surprise You

February 19, 2024


Moving into assisted living is a significant change for seniors and their loved ones. It can be a difficult decision to navigate for everyone involved, and one of the most challenging aspects of this decision can be mentally overcoming the stigma and misconceptions associated with assisted living. In this blog, we will explore five facts about assisted living to dispel these common myths.

1. Assisted Living is Not the Same as Skilled Nursing

It is often believed that assisted living is the same as skilled nursing, which can lead to confusion about the type of care provided. The truth is that assisted living and skilled nursing centers cater to different needs. Assisted living is designed for individuals who require some level of support with daily activities, but do not need the intensive medical and nursing care provided in skilled nursing homes. Assisted living  focuses on promoting independence, offering personalized care plans that include assistance with medication, meals, and daily tasks in a more home-like setting.

Moorings Park Communities offers both of these types of care. The Chateau® at Moorings Park is an award-winning, five-star rated, Medicare-certified skilled nursing and memory care center that was recently recognized as one of the nation’s best nursing homes by U.S News & World Report. 

2. Residents are Independent

Moorings Park Communities’ assisted living care offers the perfect balance of independence and support. As we get older, our abilities change. Residents have the peace of mind knowing that tailored care from compassionate professionals is there if needed and the assurance that they don’t have to give up the activities they enjoy. By providing daily opportunities to connect, grow, and learn in a safe environment, the independence, confidence, and health all are boosted, allowing our residents to thrive.

3. Assisted Living is Fulfilling and Fun

Assisted living communities are full of activities and engagement for residents. At Moorings Park Communities, for example, residents are offered a wide range of activities, from social events and educational programs to fitness classes and hobby groups. These activities are designed to keep residents engaged, connected, and entertained while ensuring their emotional,social, and spiritual needs are met.

4. All Assisted Living Centers are Unique

Another common myth is that all assisted living centers are the same. In reality, each community is unique, with its own set of amenities, activities, and care plans customized to meet the diverse needs of its residents. This variety ensures that individuals can find a community that matches their preferences, lifestyle, and care requirements, emphasizing the importance of personal choice and flexibility.

Moorings Park Communities was the first organization in Florida to formally license the Best Friends™ Approach, or a set of internationally recognized best practices in memory care. Many members of the Moorings Park Communities team have become certified Best Friends™ master trainers, and the programs we implement are designed around Best Friends™ principles, which emphasize things like practicing patience and understanding, fostering meaningful engagement, and creating a safe and secure environment.

5. Assisted Living Offers Quality Medical Care

Some believe that assisted living lacks quality medical care, yet, these communities often provide comprehensive health management services. At Moorings Park Communities, our assisted living centers are highly focused on preventive care and wellness and are equipped to meet the medical needs of residents, ensuring they receive appropriate care and support. This may include services such as medication management, an attentive medical staff, and coordination with healthcare providers.

Assisted living offers a balanced approach to senior living, combining independence with the necessary support in a community-oriented environment. By addressing and debunking common misconceptions, we hope to provide a clearer picture of the benefits and possibilities that assisted living provides. 

For over 40 years, Moorings Park Communities has been providing compassionate care to residents and members of the general public, and our residents take comfort in knowing that assisted living and memory care residences are readily available to them at our Orchid Terrace and Oakstone Assisted Living and Memory Care centers of excellence. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us to schedule your private tour.

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