5 Things That Get Better with Age

October 24, 2019

wine party with friendsLike a fine wine or a piece of art, people get better with age, too. Here are our top five:


This is true for many grape varietals. As a bottle of wine ages, a chemical process happens that  affects the taste, color, and smell, often providing a more robust, complex wine than a bottle that is young and made with grapes fresh off the vines. As is the case with humans, maintenance is crucial in keeping the integrity and health of the wine. If done properly, an aged bottle of wine can be one of life's most celebrated treasures.


Who hasn't seen newly planted seeds, tiny shrubs, and baby trees that look like little more than a patch of dirt? With time, though, those dirt patches can become natural wonders as the plants grow and mature, getting stronger day by day. There is nothing like the sight of nature's lush greenery and as the landscaping ages, it only gets better. Trees get taller, flowers become more colorful, and the grass grows thicker.

Your Favorite Book

A good book can be one of the greatest adventures your mind will take, whatever genre you prefer, and when you find a book that becomes a favorite, it will likely age beautifully. With every fresh read, you'll discover new things that went unnoticed before while still enjoying the parts that initially drew you to the work. A favorite book ages like fine wine, it keeps getting better and better. 

Friends & Family

As the years pass by, one's relationship with their family and friends evolves and changes with the times. Life throws curveballs, things happen, decisions are made, but throughout it all, the relationships formed deepen. Research coming from the original Blue Zones regions around the world has illustrated that a strong social network and sense of community – including family and friends – is linked to a longer life and better overall health. 


A famous idiom is "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and where else is that more true than in one's preference for art? 

While artwork may be subjective, when someone finds a piece that speaks to them, the reward of having it in your life can be intensely gratifying. The owner can examine it more closely, maybe seeing things they didn't see before or even experience the piece of art in an entirely different way, giving it a new and different meaning. 

While age produces a more nuanced perspective of the world around you, it can be  a beautiful, natural process, one to be appreciated and celebrated. It’s also an opportunity to continue the social connectivity you’ve enjoyed with friends and family over the years, realizing that by doing so you can live a longer, healthier, happier life. Choosing the right retirement community can help you live life to the fullest. Contact Moorings Park today to learn more about our premier retirement communities.

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