7 Benefits Of Tai Chi For Seniors In Florida

August 12, 2020

bigstock-Seniors-in-the-wellness-class--364715632 LargeTai Chi has shown to improve the quality of life in older adults. This internal Chinese martial art focuses on mental and physical aspects integrated into a series of movements that flow together. An exercise of mind, body, and spirit, Tai Chi requires minimal impact and has become a mainstay for seniors across the country thanks to its numerous health benefits. Research has shown that Tai Chi can help you in the following ways.

1.   Reduce Stress

The movements are designed to relax your body and clear your mind. It allows you to let go of any thought or stress, both physically and mentally through seamless, smooth movements.

2.  Increase Oxygen Flow

Because Tai Chi focuses on breathing deeply, it helps to clear your body and allow oxygen to flow. The more oxygen pumping through your body, the more energetic and alert your body will feel.

3.  Enhances Mental Capacity and Concentration

One’s mental capacity and the ability to concentrate increases when focusing on deep breathing, thereby relieving stress. 

4.  Reduces Blood Pressure

Reports state that individuals who practice Tai Chi regularly are oftentimes able to come off their blood pressure medication. 

5.  Alleviates Arthritis Pain

The simple, gentle, and fluid movements of Tai Chi assist the body in remaining loose and flexible, which assists in alleviating arthritis pain.

6.  Improves Balance

The seamless motions of Tai Chi allows the body to acknowledge which poses are challenging, which in turn allows you to single them out and focus on improvement. Practice of these movements will improve your balance dramatically.

7.  Helps with Faster Recovery from Strokes and Heart Attacks

Tai Chi has been documented as helping stroke and heart attack survivors recover at a faster rate than those who do not practice Tai Chi. Oxygen intake, mental concentration, and balance are major areas that need to be strengthened after a major health event and Tai Chi focuses on all three.

Moorings Park Communities has supported the health and wellness of seniors in Southwest Florida for over 40 years. With a focus on mind, body and spirit, Moorings Parks was recently awarded the Beason Award for best in wellness by the International Council on Aging. For more information on our Life Plan communities, please contact us today.

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