Fulfilling Activities You Might Enjoy After Retirement

December 12, 2019

senior on bench in cityYou've spent a career and a lifetime working your way toward this moment. You've carefully planned and prepared. But with all the preparations out of the way, what do you plan to do with your spare time? You may have a few ideas to travel, visit family members, or tackle the shortlisted adventures you've dreamed of over the last few years.

To help get your creative juices flowing, we have a few additional activities that you might enjoy in retirement as well.

Painting & Crafting

Even if you've never sketched a design nor picked up a paintbrush, except to touch up some baseboards years ago, you might consider painting as a retirement hobby. Supplies are relatively inexpensive, and a multitude of indoor and outdoor venues offer plenty of places to dabble, doodle, and create to your heart's content. You might find you're not only talented, but the sense of fulfillment that comes with finishing a one-of-a-kind piece can bring joy to your soul.  

Many retirees pursue other crafts, such as jewelry making, woodworking or decorative wreaths designs. Don't be afraid to try other artistic and creative outlets. Your end products can become heartfelt gifts for family members, and maybe you'll even get a few special requests for new orders.

Traveling Locally              

You might have considered taking a few trips, or perhaps you've already booked a few tours, cruises or European adventures. Enjoy! If you haven't planned anything extravagant, that's ok too. You certainly don't have to go abroad to enjoy the sites. Do some research online for more local ideas, such as overnight or weekend excursions. You can find antiques, bed and breakfasts, nature preserves and historical sites almost anywhere. Discover museums or taste local spirits with top-rated breweries or wineries. You'll find you can get away and enjoy fresh scenery, without all the planning and preparation (and spending) that goes into big trips.

Create Your Own Food Adventure

Check your favorite recipe websites and search for flavors and fare you've never tried before. Make a wish list of new ideas, or try your hand at preparing and sampling at home. If cooking doesn't suit you, consider finding review sites with information on restaurants that offer those must-have meals. You can create your taste test list and pace yourself. Plan a weekly or monthly new food adventure and expand your palette.

Try Your Hand at Being a Green Thumb

If your plan is to spend much of your retirement closer to home, you can get creative and find enjoyment in the earth. Whether fruits and vegetables are more your style or perhaps herbs and flower gardens, spending a few hours a day tending them can be relaxing and rewarding. The produce and fresh herbs are healthy while floral and plant life can beautify your view.


You don't need a fancy camera or pricey lenses to enjoy capturing beautiful things around you. But if you find you really enjoy your new perspective from behind the lens, you could dive in with new equipment, and your own processing and printing options. Now that you're enjoying retirement, you may enjoy spending time shooting wildlife and nature. You could frame some of your best shots to use as gifts or home decor.

Welcome to retirement! A lifetime of hard work and great success has led you here. Moorings Park, with three distinctly different communities, is a Life Plan Community where concierge physicians and personalized healthcare are included. 

Active retirees find plenty of activities to engage the mind, body, and spirit, thereby enabling you a longer, healthier, happier life. Contact us today to learn more at

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