Advanced Technology Improving Boomers’ and Seniors’ Lives

August 28, 2023

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Advanced technology is in our cars, our homes, even our pockets, but what about in our wellness and fitness centers? At Moorings Park Communities, our health and wellness amenities are setting new standards on how to maintain and strengthen your physical and cognitive health, as our mission and core values both reflect a commitment to providing Simply the Best® residences, clubhouses, restaurants, fitness centers, and services for successful aging with an emphasis on innovation and excellence.  

“We constantly challenge the status quo on aging. We believe in doing things differently,” says Moorings Park CEO, Dan Lavender. “Yes, our healthcare is among the very best in the country, but everything we do is designed to keep you out of those higher levels of care. We focus on well-care, rather than sick-care. Simply put, our goal is to change how America ages.”  

A Culture of Wellness 

This unparalleled wellness experience begins at each of Moorings Park Communities’ Centers for Healthy Living, which introduce new approaches to care that celebrate the positive aspects of aging while optimizing vitality and happiness. Among the many facets of each of the Centers for Healthy Living are the cardio, strength, and cognitive areas that boast state-of-the-art equipment that merges cutting-edge technology with personalized wellness. 

“The technology we have available in our Centers for Healthy Living has been purposefully selected to support our mission,” says Director of Wellness Robert Sorenson. “Specifically, the approachability and ease of use of our HUR and Keiser strength equipment has helped more residents maintain and improve their strength than traditional plate-loaded equipment would ever allow.”

HUR Senso Smart Platform 

The HUR Senso Smart Platform guides, motivates, and trains motor functions, like balance and endurance, as well as cognitive flexibility, working memory, divided attention, and spatial orientation. Users step onto a low platform and engage with a screen in front of them with their feet. The physical and cognitive exercises are in the form of games that adapt to the user through progressive algorithms. 

HUR SmartTouch 

HUR SmartTouch equipment combines pneumatic strength, balance, and cardio equipment with an easy-to-use software platform. Using a wristband that has previously captured user information, like preferences and range of motion, the equipment automatically loads personalized exercise programs that allow for structured independence and seamless progress tracking.

Keiser Strength Equipment

Keiser strength equipment uses revolutionary pneumatic-powered resistance, which contributes to a safer design compared to traditional equipment where weights need to be adjusted manually. These machines have digital one-touch resistance controls, and their displays instantly show feedback on the user’s strength and power. Keiser machines are designed to increase longevity and functional independence. 

AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill, originally developed for NASA, uses differential air pressure (DAP) technology, or a precise air calibration system based on the user’s body weight, that reduces their gravitational load while using the machine. Due to this, users can move unrestricted and pain-free, which helps to restore and build strength, range of motion, balance, and function.

“One of my favorite memories at Moorings Park involves our AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill,” says Sorenson. “I used this technology with a former resident who fully lost function of their right side following a stroke. We used the treadmill to strengthen his legs to the point where he was able to, with assistance, walk a family friend down the wedding aisle. The assistive nature of the machine let us achieve this goal in a safe and effective manner that would have otherwise been impossible.”


The CyberCycle combines the features of a stationary bike with virtual reality and video game elements, making it a fun and engaging alternative to a traditional bike ride. With a large touchscreen, safe walk-through design, heart rate sensors, and motion control handlebars, CyberCycling has been shown to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. 

Power Plate®

The Power Plate® is a machine that delivers vibration therapy using best-in-class vibration technology. Users can target certain areas of their body by sitting, standing, leaning, or laying on the machine to activate muscle fibers, improve circulation, increase bone density, and assist in muscle recovery and pain relief. Research has shown that use is correlated with fall prevention and improved postural control in older adults.

Dakim® Brain Fitness 

Dakim® BrainFitness is a clinically proven, evidence-based brain training program created to improve and protect brain health through games and exercises that target long- and short-term memory, language, computation, visuospatial orientation, and executive function. The system automatically modifies the focus and sequence of exercises based on user requirements and performance. 

A Leader in the Community 

For over 40 years, Moorings Park Communities has been a premier provider of active retirement living in Southwest Florida and has been recognized multiple times by the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) and NuStep for fostering a vibrant lifestyle among its residents. 

All three of our Moorings Park communities have been recognized as among the top 25 retirement communities in the country, each winning Beacon Awards for Best in Wellness. Moorings Park Grande Lake was in the top five, earning the prestigious Pinnacle Award for promoting an exceptional, vibrant lifestyle among its residents.

“Moorings Park communities are constantly identifying innovations for consideration and running pilot groups. We do this to ensure that what is offered to our residents is a best-in-class experience,” says Sorenson. “In the future, I foresee our integrated health and wellness teams leveraging technology that passively monitors our residents during the time they spend outside the gym. We will evolve beyond generalized programming for the masses and move towards data-driven selections based on the individual’s readiness for activity.”

With Moorings Park Communities continuing to be at the cutting edge of technological advancements, it’s no wonder that Eagleview, the newest residences to be offered at Moorings Park Grande Lake, are receiving such high praise and acclaim. 

Eagleview: Naples’ Most Prestigious Address

 Moorings Park Communities and London Bay Development Group, both visionaries in Naples, have come together to create Moorings Park Grande Lake, and the result has become Simply the Best® in Life Plan Communities.

With an estimated move-in date in the first quarter of 2026, the Eagleview residences will be home to seven new floor plans that range from 2,626 to over 6,300 square feet. These spacious two- to four-bedroom penthouses are equipped with modern luxury at every turn and feature expansive western-facing lanais and lakeside terraces that provide a perfect vantage point of every iconic Naples sunset.

You’re invited to an informative session on Moorings Park Communities’ three Naples-based communities on Thursday, September 7th at 10:30 a.m. The event will be held at the Moorings Park Grande Lake Clubhouse. 

During the event you’ll discover an innovative approach to successful aging as you learn about costs, floor plans, healthcare, dining, and how to join the waiting lists. If you can’t make the event, enjoy an equally informative webinar from the comfort of your home on Friday, September 8th at 10:30 a.m.

To register for either of these events, please visit or call 239-451-5509.

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