At-Home Brain Exercises for Seniors

June 18, 2020

bigstock-Brain-With-Strong-Hands-Brain-359186767While you may be aware of the importance of exercising your body, did you also know that it’s important to exercise your mind? 

A healthy brain is the root of physical wellness, which is especially true for seniors. Not only do regular brain workouts prevent memory decline, but they also serve to keep you sharp and alert. A healthy mind can help you continue to lead a happy and healthy, independent retirement life. Through frequent brain exercises, you can stay both physically and mentally fit. More importantly, brain exercises can be fun!

What follows below are some brain exercises that you can do at home. While these brain games are not designed necessarily to make you more intelligent, you may discover that you feel mentally sharper and cognitively stronger if practiced regularly.

1. Puzzles

Puzzles are an excellent exercise for your brain that can be done either alone or with family and friends. Puzzles challenge the brain to work more efficiently as when you put a puzzle together, the connection between brain pathways enhances the generation of new brain cells, thus improving your speed of reasoning. Jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, and crosswords are all great ways to keep the brain working and active.

2. Crafting and Hobbies

Crafting is another way to exercise your brain which again, can be performed alone or with others. Online stores offer a plethora of supplies while sites such as Etsy are sure to inspire your creativity. Whether individual or shared, crafting affords you an opportunity to express yourself while improving the mind's cognitive abilities.

3. Learning Something New

Learning something new is perhaps the best way to keep your brain on its toes as it continually introduces new challenges. A few things you might want to try include learning to play a musical instrument or perhaps simply picking up a new hobby. Not only will you be stretching your mind, but you’ll continue to learn and you’ll keep expanding your skills while becoming more accomplished at them.

4. Learn A New Language

Learning a foreign language requires a fair amount of effort and concentration which means it’s a great exercise for the brain. Learning a new language not only leads to the development of the brain, it increases your chances of connecting with a different culture and opens up new worlds in which to explore. Virtual language teachers, as well as online learning platforms, can be readily found on the internet thereby enabling you to comfortably learn from home.

5. Read and Write Regularly

The tried and true method of exercising your brain in the form of reading is still one of the best. If a trip to the local book store or library isn’t possible right now, turn to the internet to find your next adventure. Writing is a tremendous way to exercise the brain as well. Research has shown that people who express themselves in writing have lower stress levels and lead happier, healthier lives in general. 

All of the exercises contained here can be particularly useful for keeping your mind sharp as you age. The brain’s plasticity allows it to adapt and change. As you learn new things, you create and strengthen neural pathways and networks. This helps make your brain not only grow stronger, but it can also help make it more flexible.

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