Award-Winning Designs Bring Resort-Style Living to Naples’ Boomers and Seniors

October 11, 2023

MPC_Final WDG Silver Award eNewsletter Image_October 2023  (1)The design of each of Moorings Park Grande Lakes three dining experiences, Zest, Savor 26, and Bluestone, incorporates organic forms inspired by the rippling water that can be seen from each restaurant.

Moorings Park Grande Lake’s three exquisite restaurants, Zest, Savor 26, and Bluestone, were recognized in the Environments for Aging 2023 Dining Competition where the Wegman Design Group (WDG) secured a Silver Award for their incredible work.

“We wanted this community to feel more like a high-end resort, like the Ritz, as opposed to a retirement community. I really think the WDG team succeeded on every level,” said Tom Mann, Moorings Park Communities’ Vice President, as he took in the view overlooking the lake from Bluestone. “WDG has spent many years creating exceptional spaces for Moorings Park Communities. These designs not only succeed in function but aesthetically capture the heart and soul of Moorings Park Communities and the country club lifestyle that residents are able to embrace across every aspect of each community.”  

Experiences for Every Mood

The design inspiration for all three of these world-class dining experiences comes from the water and movement of the Grande Lake, which lies at the center of campus. Each space incorporates organic forms, which were inspired by the calm, rippling water that can be seen from each restaurant. Some examples of this include wavy wall paneling and carpet patterns, pendants with knotted rope stems, and the use of soft blue and green tones throughout. 

“The pool-side café and bistro Zest uses rich wood tones and handmade pottery accents to convey a feeling of heart, hand, and soul,” says Lori Wegman, president of WDG. 

Zest sits on the ground floor and offers healthy, local-inspired breakfast, brunch, and lunch options, while Savor 26 and Bluestone share a space on an upper level of the clubhouse.

“Savor 26 was designed with a more grill-room-inspired vibe, with an open kitchen, wine displays, and s-curve banquette seating,” Wegman explains. “The open kitchen, busy staff, and adjoining bar infuse the area with a happy energy.” 

Savor 26 is an upscale yet casual restaurant, while Bluestone offers an intimate fine dining experience. The inviting bar is the only physical design that separates Savor 26 from Bluestone, which was intentional to allow for a more socially dynamic experience. However, each dining venue offers a distinct ambiance.

“In Bluestone, you have a beautiful fireplace set in a marble-looking stone,” Wegman says. “It has more space between the dining room tables, and music is piped into the background, so you don’t hear the hustle-bustle of the kitchen or the bar. You’re able to look out over the lake and enjoy a nice, quiet, more elegant special occasion dinner.”

A Long and Rewarding Partnership

The Environments for Aging award is not the first WDG has earned from their work with Moorings Park Communities. The two industry leaders have enjoyed a long-standing partnership which has lasted more than 17 years and produced more than 20 awards from projects at all three Moorings Park Communities. The expert designers previously earned awards for their work on Trio Restaurant and Moorings Park Grill from the American Society of Interior Designers and Lee Building Industry Association, respectively. WDG’s creativity and passionate attention to detail shine in its many projects at Moorings Park Communities.

“We have a philosophy that you can’t have a dining room that’s just filled with tables. The idea is to create different experiences so that you want to come back time and time again,” says Wegman. “There’s a reason for the layouts. We look at all the dining tables and try to make sure that every single one offers some kind of unique experience. Even within the same restaurant, you might find a completely different experience because now you’re sitting at the table with the wine displays, which is different than sitting against the window overlooking the lake and a glorious sunset.”

Embracing the Challenge

Though the awards are gratifying, the WDG team loves the challenge of producing extraordinary environments for the nation’s finest boomer and senior communities.

“Moorings Park Communities is a world-class organization. That gives us a lot of opportunities for high-quality, exciting, award-winning projects. This is the best of the best,” says Wegman. “The most fun part of my job is having the opportunity of doing something new and fresh. Moorings Park Communities is always seeking to do the best. They’re always very excited to see the newest and latest designs, especially if they offer a heightened resident experience. They want us to push the envelope. It’s very fun.”

Renewing the Thrill

Moorings Park Communities has engaged WDG to work on several remodeling projects at Moorings Park which have unsurprisingly yielded a handful of awards, including a Silver Aurora Award from the Southeast Building Conference, a Sand Dollar Award from the Collier Building Industry Association, and a pair of awards from the Lee Building Industry Association. 

As neither WDG nor Moorings Park Communities are content to rest on their laurels, the pair will surely continue to keep all interior environments across Moorings Park Communities fresh and exciting.

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