Chef Wendy’s Culinary Masterpieces Created With Flair, Passion and a Heap of Family Inspiration

January 14, 2021

Chef-Wendy-FixedMoorings Park at Grey Oaks recently welcomed an old friend into its kitchen. 

Chef Wendy Rennie, who previously worked on the original campus, is a progressive culinary professional that loves what she does – and enjoys reminiscing about her earliest days in the kitchen, creating delicious meals for her family and even baking cakes on holidays and other special occasions for visiting relatives.

“It’s my mom that inspired me to become a chef. I learned everything from her. By the time I was five years old my father built me a stove to cook on,” recalled Chef Wendy.

Being the youngest of six children, Chef Wendy said her family’s home-cooked meals taught her the value of fellowship and community.

“My passion for cooking comes from my mother,” she said. “All of our meals were special and we always sat down together as a family. It’s where we talked about our day. It’s where we got caught up on what’s happening in the neighborhood.” 

In addition to learning how to cook delicious meals for a family of eight, Chef Wendy also learned another kitchen talent at a very young age.

“By the time I was eight years old I was a baker with the professional tools and everything,” Chef Wendy said with a smile. “My favorite memory is from a Fourth of July. I baked a big cake, decorated it like the American Flag, and then lit it up with sparklers. My relatives were very impressed.”

Stepping Up to the Plate

After studying food science and spending time as a culinary professor, Chef Wendy ventured into the world of business and opened New England’s leading destination for wedding receptions, special occasions and corporate events. 

In April 2012, Chef Wendy decided to make Naples her home and accepted the position of Executive Sous Chef at the Moorings Park Clubhouse. A year-and-a-half later she was promoted to Executive Chef and General Manager of the Life Plan Community’s Trio Restaurant.

“That experience led me to my current position of Executive Chef at Moorings Park at Grey Oaks,” noted Chef Wendy. “I not only enjoy the work, but I love the interaction I now have with all the residents and even their guests. It’s a joy creating, preparing and serving delicious, nutritious meals for those who live here. They are more than residents. They’re family.”

It Takes a Winning Team

Chef Wendy doesn’t take all the credit for the meals that are served. She says it’s a team effort – and she has a great team.

“I was once told by a resident, who owned a cruise line, that he has eaten around the world, and the meal he was just served was the best meal he ever had in his life,” she said. “That’s quite a compliment. But then again, I have quite the team.”

A Toast to the Good Life

Although Chef Wendy is versatile when it comes to cuisine from the far corners of the earth, a favorite event are Wine Dinners. 

“Selecting the perfect wines from around the world and partnering them with spectacular foods is truly heaven on earth,” Chef Wendy beamed. “Our residents look forward to these events which are held throughout the year. I know I enjoy creating the wine dinners as much as they enjoy the experience.” 

The wines poured at the events combine old world and new world vintages. Wines from France, Spain and Italy could be partnered with wines from the states of Washington and California.

“The food is the same way. Sicilian meatballs are paired with an Italian wine, while a beet salad might be paired with a California wine,” she said. “Everyone at Moorings Park at Grey Oaks loves these dinners.” 

The learn more about Moorings Park at Grey Oaks visit, or call 239-919-1711.

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