Discover How Modern Medicine is Building the Fountain of Youth at Moorings Park

September 15, 2020

MPOC-NatureWalking-2Moorings Park, Naples’ premier Life Plan Community, is hosting a webinar that will introduce participants to the notion of the Fountain of Youth and how modern medicine contributes to it.

Hosted by Senior Living Specialist, and Moorings Park Communities' Vice President, Tom Mann, this lively panel discussion with retired neurologist, Dr. John Little and Robert Sorenson, Director of Wellness at Moorings Park, will focus on how Baby Boomers are leaning into the aging process. Topics covered will include recent medical discoveries, wellness trends in senior living and what you should be doing now to live your healthiest life.

The webinar will be hosted on Wednesday, September 23, at 10:30 a.m. Those interested in participating in the webinar can register by visiting

Proactive Wellness Versus Reactive Healthcare

Moorings Park Communities has a long and notable history for its exceptional personalized healthcare program serving a clientele that is accustomed to the finer things in life. The company’s tagline, “Simply the Best” is a brand promise that over 1,000 staff members bring to life each and every day.

But what really sets the organization apart from other retirement communities in the area is its integrated holistic approach to wellness. This is accomplished through trained healthcare providers who practice proactive wellness rather than reactive healthcare. 

“In your house and most communities, you stay home, you get sick and you go to the doctor,” said Dr. John Little. “Our approach is to identity health problems early and head them off before they become real problems. We operate on a wellness model, not an illness model.” It’s an integrated approach to healthcare designed to enhance the mind, body and spirit of its residents.

Dr. Little and his wife Veora, who have lived in Naples for decades, are prototypical of the type of educated consumer that moves into a Moorings Park Community. They understand the importance of having a robust wellness and healthcare plan included in their contract, unlike what fee-for-service communities are offering. 

Mann notes, “There are some very important nuances to our business model like having a concierge physician included in your monthly service package that astute individuals immediately grasp the value of.”

“I’ve had the benefit of being involved with Moorings Park for 15 years and during that time I’ve learned a lot about the aging process, health, wellness and housing,” said Dr. Little, a Moorings Park board member. “My conclusion is, the ideal way to age is in a Life Plan Community like the communities Moorings Park has created.”

The UN-Retirement Community

For over 40 years, Moorings Park Communities has been driving innovations in retirement living, innovations that include the latest in medical advances, wellness trends for seniors and what retirees could and should be doing to live their best life.

“Our goal is to change how the world ages… to create the proverbial Fountain of Youth. Everything we do challenges the status quo on aging. We believe in doing things differently,” adds Dan Lavender, CEO and President of Moorings Park Communities. “I can’t wait to see what the next 40 years bring to our team and senior living.” 

At Moorings Park, the community’s Center for Healthy Living which houses its fitness center, concierge physicians and medical clinic, outpatient rehab and a large theatre, is just a prelude to what lies within and is illustrative of community’s commitment to wellness. As evidence of this, consider the recent award from the International Council on Active Aging. The Beacon Award, designed to recognize retirement communities offering the best in wellness to their residents, bestowed the honor of the #1 wellness-based community in North America on Moorings Park in October of last year.

You’re Invited to Our Upcoming Webinar 

With a tradition of excellence that is complimented by A or A+ ratings by Standards and Poor and Fitch rating services, Moorings Park Communities helps residents live a longer, healthier, happier life while at the same time ensuring future health needs are taken care of. 

Nestled among 83 acres of lakes, gardens and preserves in the heart of the city, Moorings Park combines the best in retirement living with all the best Naples has to offer: sun-dappled beaches, balmy weather and an unsurpassed quality of life. Moorings Park is just minutes from the area’s sugar-sand beaches, numerous entertainment venues and eclectic downtown shopping and dining venues. 

“We are really focused on delivering a retirement lifestyle unlike any other in the country. One that balances resort-style living with innovative approaches to wellness,” stated Mann. “To that end, I’ll be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, September 23 at 10:30 a.m. My guests will be Dr. John Little, a renowned, retired neurologist and Robert Sorenson, Director of Wellness at Moorings Park. We’ll be discussing new innovations in healthcare which are changing how we approach wellness. I can’t wait, it should be really interesting.”

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