Discovering the Fountain of Youth

February 15, 2021


Moorings Park Communities helps residents live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Research has shown there are many benefits to living in a Life Plan Community – especially one with an experienced, dedicated staff and management team, outstanding amenities and activities, residential options and on-site medical and wellness programs.

Be Social. Stay Social.

MPGL-FOY-BlueSky2One of the most important aspects of life – especially as we age – is socialization. Staying socially active and maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family, or even creating new meaningful connections, are key elements to successful aging. People who have positive social interactions remain stimulated, mentally sharper and intellectually engaged.

Moorings Park Communities has a multitude of social events and activities all taking place in a family friendly environment. Concerts under blue skies. Cocktail parties by the pool. Pickleball courts. Art classes in our studio and of course, delicious cuisine served in our casual and fine dining venues. Not to mention the many life-enriching off-campus activities such as eco-tours, day trips, cultural events at Artis-Naples and so much more.

No Chores Means More Fun

Living your best life definitely means leaving life’s daily chores and seasonal maintenance behind. At Moorings Park Communities there’s no grass to cut. Windows to wash. Or even lightbulbs to replace. 

We offer our residents a relaxed lifestyle where home maintenance, housekeeping and dining services are all included in one easily managed monthly service package.

It’s a well-known fact that active adults live a more fulfilled life and certainly have more fun. Knowing that, the Life Plan communities of Moorings Park, Moorings Park at Grey Oaks and Moorings Park Grande Lake – are rife with activities. 


State-of-the-art fitness centers. Resort-style pools. Walking paths. And depending on the individual campus, there’s also woodshop, pottery and art classes. Pickleball. Tennis. Golf. The list is endless.

Peace of Mind Through Personalized Healthcare That’s Included

Living in a Life Plan Community brings peace of mind to you – and your loved ones – knowing that, should the need arise, you have a plan in place that includes access to a continuum of healthcare services at a predictable monthly fee. At Moorings Park Communities, assisted living, memory care, concierge physicians and personalized healthcare are all included, thereby enabling residents to stay in control of their future while living life to the fullest. 

Simply the Best® Management and Staff

No truly great Life Plan Community would be complete without stellar management and team members. At Moorings Park Communities, in addition to the many new friends and neighbors you’ll meet, our residents develop personal relationships with our many staff members or “partners”. 

Hand selected for their dedication, each partner delivers the brand promise of Simply the Best® facilities and services for successful aging with professional and compassionate care to the residents they serve. From housekeeping to dining services to the concierge physicians and the men and women who greet you at the gatehouse, Moorings Park Communities has a dedicated team that is here to help you live simply your best life. And that’s the biggest benefit of all.  

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