Enjoy 5th Avenue South in Naples, Florida

September 16, 2020

fifthavesouthnaples Large5th Avenue South in Naples is the ideal place to shop, dine, and play in Southwest Florida. One of the nation's most exclusive addresses, 5th Avenue South is home to unique shops, quaint restaurants, and a relaxed, city-like atmosphere. Though social distancing guidelines are in place for most of the shops and restaurants you’ll see below, they won’t stop you from enjoying the culture of 5th Avenue South in Naples.

The History of 5th Avenue South in Downtown Naples, Florida

5th Avenue South has been the unofficial ‘Main Street’ of Naples, Florida since 1920. In the early days, a garage, a few shops, the telephone company, a liquor store, the Chamber of Commerce, and a train depot were located here which made it essentially the center of commerce in the city. The Four Corners—formed by 5th and 9th Streets—became the site of Naples' first traffic light in 1948.

Since then, the area has remained one of the best places in Naples to experience a night on the town, some incredible food, ecclectic shopping and all the arts and culture of the Naples area.

Shopping on 5th Ave. South

5th Ave. South has some of the finest local boutiques and shops in the city with everything from clothes to jewelry. The shops on 5th Avenue South are home to finely crafted goods from many local artisans and crafters. If you’re looking to support local businesses, there’s no better place to do so. Shopaholics will love the varied clothing, jewelry, art, books, and so much more as they explore six city blocks.

Have a Relaxing Spa Day

A number of spas and salons dot the street so if a new hairstyle, mani or pedi, lash extensions or a total spa experience are on your calendar, you’ll find plenty of places to explore on 5th Ave. South.

The Arts on 5th Avenue South

5th Avenue South is the best place in Naples to experience the arts, culture, and crafts of the city and its residents. The street is home to five unique art galleries that showcase art from local and national artists. You’ll also find many venues for music, plays, and other forms of live entertainment throughout the year.

Dining Out on 5th Avenue South

Whether it’s a late-night dinner or an early morning breakfast, 5th Avenue South provides some of the best dining experiences found in Naples. Home to dozens of restaurants, 5th Ave. South is home to every kind of dining experience from fine dining al fresco to more casual eateries. You’ll discover a taste of the world along this vibrant street in downtown Naples with food from France, Italy, Spain, China, India and America. Other than the world-class restaurants, 5th Avenue South also boasts an assortment of cafes, coffee shops, bars, and places to find scrumptious desserts.

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