Stay Active in Naples, FL With Fantastic Walking Trails

February 24, 2020

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When it comes to a form of exercise that's enjoyable, low-impact, and convenient, nothing beats a good walk. Developing the habit of walking everyday has a wealth of health benefits for seniors, from improving cardiovascular health to reducing arthritis by lubricating the knee and hip joints. Beyond all these great physical effects, walking is a fun, mentally stimulating activity that gets you out and about while promoting good health. 

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Naples, Florida is home to beautiful nature trails, beach walks, city side strolls, and much more including these walking trails:

The Gordon River Greenway

This popular and scenic nature trail loops along the Gordon River, highlighting South Florida's native plants and wildlife, including an abundance of turtles and birds. 

The Greenway starts at Golden Gate Parkway, weaving around mangroves and pine trees for two miles before ending at Central Avenue. Most of the trail is either paved or on a boardwalk, making the Greenway an easy and pleasant opportunity for walking, biking, and birdwatching. 

There are several shady spots with benches where you can stop to cool off and rest. Leashed dogs are welcome.

Fifth Avenue South

One of the most popular walking destinations in Naples, Fifth Avenue South, is the city's lively shopping and entertainment district in the heart of the city. 

This pedestrian-friendly, 5-block stretch has something for everyone, whether it's gourmet ice cream, people-watching, or upscale shopping. Fifth Avenue South features everything from art galleries and bookstores to elegant hotels and sidewalk dining. The area is also known for its beautifully preserved historic architecture and landscaped promenades. 

Despite the hustle and bustle, Fifth Avenue South has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that makes this stylish street a wonderful place to take a long stroll.

The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is a well-maintained system of flat, elevated boardwalks that weave between mangroves, ponds, and trees, while showcasing Southwest Florida’s natural beauty. This 2.5-mile boardwalk is a great entry-level walking path that loops around a vibrant swamp and ends in a majestic old-growth forest. 

Along with lush vegetation, the trail offers a chance to spot a wide range of wildlife including otters, woodpeckers, herons, and maybe even a few alligators. 

Nature photographers will rejoice at the pristine wilderness views available at every turn.

The Naples Preserve

Located in the heart of Naples, this preserve is a picturesque half-mile long park adjacent to the Eco-Center. This peaceful spot is ideal for viewing indigenous vegetation and wildlife, including gopher tortoises and several species of birds. Enjoy a boardwalk trail that's partially shaded by large Slash Pine trees. There are also plenty of benches and tables, ideal for stopping and enjoying a picnic.

The Rich King Memorial Greenway

This a spacious, paved path that provides a safe, attractive and accessible area for people of all ages to enjoy walking and biking. 

The Rich King Memorial Greenway follows a direct route for three miles along east Naples beginning behind a quiet, residential neighborhood. Further along, toward the southern end of the path, walkers can take in beautiful canal views. 

This quiet trail is smooth, clean and ideal for a leisurely walk, especially enjoyed by many at sunset.

Safe Rubberized Paths in Moorings Park 

Living in a Moorings Park community means you don't have to go far to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Our communities feature scenic, rubberized walking trails designed for your comfort and safety. The rubber is non-slip, low impact, and quick drying. And the paths are perfect for an enjoyable walk that's much easier on the joints than asphalt or concrete. During your daily stroll, enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and views of lakes and preserves.

Having free time to stay active, which includes walks and other physical activities, is one of the joys of being retired.  Moorings Park prides itself on offering Simply The Best to its residents. Contact us today for a tour or to make reservations for one of our informational luncheons.

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