How Golf Plays a Major Role in Keeping Boomers and Seniors Fit and Flexible

March 21, 2024

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Did you know that Naples is home to more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the United States? With year-round perfect weather, a bustling tournament scene, and hundreds of courses to choose from, Naples has deservingly earned the title of “Golf Capital of the World.” 

Golf isn’t just a pastime, however. For baby boomers and seniors, it’s a powerful tool to enjoying a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, which is why golf fitness is incorporated into the wellness programs at Moorings Park Communities.

Golf Fitness: A Recipe for Successful Aging

As every experienced golfer knows, golf is more than making contact with the ball. In fact, golf is widely known as one of the most difficult sports to master, as it requires a complex mix of physical and mental skills like strength, stamina, focus, and coordination. A good swing demands precise timing and sequencing of body parts, and tiny swing flaws can lead to big misses. 

However, it is also for these reasons that golf makes an excellent sport for older adults. It is challenging without requiring overexertion. Just as swinging and navigating uneven terrain can improve balance and coordination, these actions can also improve cognitive function. Both on and off the course, golf fitness and training can be an incredible tool to contribute to successful aging. 

At Moorings Park Communities, TPI-certified exercise specialists hold weekly golf fitness classes that offer guidance on swing characteristics, strength training, and developing coordination, balance, and technique. These classes are designed to improve residents’ golf game as well as their overall health. 

Additionally, residents enjoy close proximity to some of the most celebrated golf courses around Naples, including the Country Club of Naples and the Naples Grande Golf Club, both of which many residents hold memberships to. Every Moorings Park at Grey Oaks resident has the luxury of a membership at Grey Oaks Country Club included in their monthly service package, which allows them to take advantage of this prestigious country club’s many amenities, including a Trackman Golf Simulator and unlimited play in the off-season across their three championship golf courses. The Trackman Golf Simulators at Moorings Park and Moorings Park Grande Lake also offer all the fun of practicing, but in a comfortable, controlled setting.

"The beauty of golf fitness is its accessibility," says Director of Wellness Brett Swanson. "We tailor exercises to improve balance, strength, and flexibility, all of which are crucial for a successful aging experience."

Beyond the Green: How Golf Contributes to a Successful Aging Lifestyle

The golf fitness classes at Moorings Park Communities work to improve hip and ankle mobility, leg and lower back stability, core and glute strength, flexibility, and range of motion, and the benefits of physically improving in these areas, as well as getting out on the green, extend far beyond the course. Here's how participating in golf fitness can positively impact your life and help you successfully age:

  • Physical Well-Being: By targeting core strength, flexibility, and balance, golf fitness classes can significantly reduce pain across the body and reduce the risk of falls. On the course, walking provides gentle exercise, promoting cardiovascular health and weight management, and being out in the sun can aid in Vitamin D production, which is important for bone health.
  • Emotional Well-Being: Spending time outdoors has a positive impact on mood and is known to reduce stress. Regularly participating in an activity and maintaining the goal of improving your game and overall health can also provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment.
  • Mental Acuity: Golf requires strategic thinking and focus, which keeps the mind sharp. The social interaction inherent in the game further stimulates cognitive function.

  • Social Connection: Golf offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with friends and neighbors, fostering a sense of belonging and community and combatting loneliness and isolation.

Ready to Experience the Power of Golf Fitness?

Moorings Park Communities believes in fostering a vibrant and healthy lifestyle for residents. To learn more about the golf fitness programs and the many other amenities and activities offered, visit the Moorings Park Communities website, call 239-451-5509, or schedule a personal tour today. Visit one of Moorings Park Communities’ three gorgeous campuses and discover a lifestyle beyond compare, where luxurious residences, breathtaking views, and, of course, concierge physicians and personalized healthcare are all included. 

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