How To Stay Active With Your Pet

November 27, 2019


Pets improve the lives of retirees in innumerable ways, one of which encourages folks to stay active. When you have a pet, you tend to exercise more and enjoy yourself more because you have a companion. You’ll also find that you’ll meet more people through these activities.

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Here are a few fun ideas of how you can stay active with your pet today.

Teach Your Pet New Tricks

Some animals can be trained easier than others, but if you can get your cat or dog to help you with a few daily activities, there are many rewards. Dogs particularly love to be given chores.  You can teach them to helpful items, open the refrigerator, or ring a bell to signal their need to go out. Some cats that will learn to fetch as well, though, if you have a cat, you know teaching them anything requires patience. 

Play To Your Strengths And Interests

DIY pet toys are an example of this: there are many things that your pet will love and it is more fun to make something than to buy it. If you are a woodworker, you can make your pet a wooden puzzle or maze. Knitters can make stuffed animals stuffed with bells or squeakers. Create a den for your animal, maybe sporting cute curtains. If you are a fan of nature, take them on hikes or on camping trips. There are other ways to share a hobby with your pet, and the more you play to your strengths, the more fun you will have, which will increase the benefits you reap from the activity. 

Embrace Adventure & Explore New Trails

Sometimes pet owners can fall into a routine when it comes to daily walks. Mix it up a little bit and explore pet-friendly parks and trails that you and your pet can both enjoy. Southwest Florida has several pet-friendly beaches and nature trails that are suitable for pets. If you have other indoor animals, it might be beneficial to try introducing them to new environments. Find a place where you and your pet can explore and enjoy the great outdoors together.

Research and Plan Ahead

Activities with your pet can be fun and with a little planning, can be simple too: taking a hike with your pet means including a water bottle with your pet-walking equipment and picking a trail that seems pet-friendly. The more preparation that you do before taking part in a new activity, the more enjoyable the experience will be for both you and your pet. 

Involve Others to Join You

There is one thing that pet owners have in common: they want to talk about their pets. Together you’ll discover plenty of ideas for entertainment, pet-friendly get-togethers and even suggestions for internet forums for pet owners for the latest health tips, vet recommendations and so much more.

A simple way of involving other people with your pet activities is through volunteer work. A well-behaved pet can be a great asset to charity work. And your fellow volunteers can be a great source of new-found friendships.

Doing something more involved like volunteering your pet as a therapy animal requires a veterinary visit to ensure that the pet is healthy.  You’ll also need to secure permission from the place of business you want to visit. 

Any one of the three Moorings Park communities offers plenty of places your pets are welcome. Contact us to explore the opportunities.

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