How You Can Exercise Your Mind With Creative Writing

January 23, 2023


It's important to find unique and inventive ways to keep your brain active, maintain your mental health and spark your imagination. Creative writing is a simple, fun, and exciting form of artistic expression that keeps your mind active, allows your creativity to flourish, and provides some real health benefits.

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3 Health Benefits of Creative Writing

From enhancing your communication skills to boosting your mental functions, creative writing can transform your wellbeing in many wonderful ways.

1. Increased Communication Skills

As you write, your brain keeps searching for words to express yourself. This promotes cognitive function and, at the same time, helps to sharpen your communication skills and expand your vocabulary!

2. Enhanced Memory Retention

Memory loss or dementia are common age-related conditions. Practicing creative writing helps strengthen and stimulate your brain which prevents cognitive impairment and improves recall and retention.

3. Improve Your Mood

By writing down your emotions such as anger, pain, or grief, you're able to better process them, helping you achieve a sense of peace and calm in your mind. This also leads to less stress, better sleep, and better general mental health.


How to Get Started With Creative Writing

No matter the circumstances, creative writing is easy for anyone to pick up. But, sometimes it's easier said than done, especially when writer's block finds its way into your head. 

Whenever you're trying to embark upon creative writing, consider these exercises to help jumpstart your mind and fuel your creativity.

Write By Hand

Some people simply can’t stare at a screen all day and write better through the use of the tried and true pen (or pencil) and paper! Writing by hand is a great way to help your imagination in gear, especially if you mix in doodles and thoughts into the margins.

Write Along With Your Emotions

Some of the greatest works of writing were driven by emotion. Whether it’s joy, pain, or sorrow, use all your emotions to create a character and drive a story. Use your character's actions or their inner monologue to convey those feelings. Doing this can result in great writing and help ease emotional burdens that may be causing you stress.

Follow Your Wandering Thoughts

If you’re having trouble focusing on your writing, that might actually be a great way to start! Follow your mind as it wanders wherever it sees fit. Go where it takes you and write it down!

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