HUR Strength Equipment & Smart Technology at Moorings Park Grande Lake

December 13, 2021

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With stunning views, the most eye-catching luxurious residences and endless amenities that enrich your life on the daily, it’s hard to think of how Moorings Park Grande Lake can become any better. How about the inclusion of HUR strength training and wellness equipment in the fitness center? With the focus of supporting an active aging lifestyle, this equipment was designed with you in mind.

Personalize Your Workout with SmartTouch Technology

HUR equipment is pneumatic, meaning it uses air pressure as resistance versus weights. This is especially useful for older populations, as it reduces the stress on joints, tissues and limbs since automatic progression is made simple. In fact, HUR equipment is designed for active aging seniors, enhanced performance, rehabilitation and physical therapy.

All the brand’s equipment, which includes balance, strength, cardio and wellness management solutions, is easy to use and is equipped with SmartTouch Technology, making “strength training easy through automatically loading personalized strength training programs, counting reps, monitoring progress, and increasing resistance when milestones are reached.”

“Our members absolutely love this equipment,” says Moorings Park Grande Lake’s Director of Wellness, Brett Swanson. “They love that they can have a complete exercise program designed specifically for them on a special card or key fob. Every time they use the equipment, the swipe of their HUR card will adjust the machine’s settings and weight specially to their program design. This smart technology recognizes strength and power increases and/or decreases over time and will adjust the member’s weights accordingly. It has never been easier to work out and get stronger.”

Customize Your Gameplay with TrackMan Golf Simulators

Additionally, Moorings Park and Moorings Park Grande Lake recently acquired state-of-the-art TrackMan Golf Simulators, adding to the modern, smart technology available within the Life Plan Communities.

The simulators feature immersive golf courses from around the world, playable in stunning hyper-realistic three-dimensional graphics, with new courses continuously being added. The software is top-of-the-line, with a Dual Radar system that allows quality data to be captured with two tracking radars following different data points: the club through impact, and the ball from launch to landing. This provides pinpoint accuracy during gameplay.

“Our members have the Cadillac of golf simulators at their availability. This best-in-class technology offers them the opportunity to immerse themselves on golf courses from around the world, challenge friends to putting or driving competitions, and be coached on how to improve their swing,” said Robert Sorenson, Moorings Park’s Director of Wellness.

At Moorings Park Grande Lake, along with the Life Plan Community’s two sister campuses, Moorings Park and Moorings Park at Grey Oaks, cutting-edge technology and modern wellness solutions are easily integrated into members’ lifestyles. With the help of our concierge physicians, fitness centers, wellness instructors and personal trainers, setting and reaching your goals has never been simpler.

To learn more about any of our three campuses and the life-enriching services within, please visit or call 239-643-9111.

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