6 Ways Journaling Can Help In Your Daily Life

June 09, 2020


Journaling is an important activity that offers numerous benefits for your mental health and memory. Journaling can play a critical role in helping baby boomers live a happier, more fulfilled life. As a place where one reflects and expresses themselves, a journal provides the means for adults to record their triumphs, dreams, and all their life’s desires. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of keeping a journal in your daily life.

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1. Preserving Memory 

Baby Boomers can use journals to preserve the memories of special events as they take place throughout their lives. 

While you are jotting down special memories, you’re also enhancing your memory skills, which also provides long-term health advantages. 

2. Relieving Stress

Journaling can provide an escape from the stresses of everyday life by transferring your thoughts off your mind and onto the paper. 

In fact, health experts emphasize the need to keep a journal as a way of processing overwhelming emotions. Many people enjoy talking to others to relieve stress, while others benefit from the act of actually writing down their thoughts and emotions.

Making a habit of keeping a record of your thoughts and ideas is a great way of keeping stress at bay.    

3. Sharpening your Mind

Writing works as an exercise for the brain which means that it enhances its functionality and overall performance. 

Like other parts of your body, your brain needs to be exercised in order to keep it well-maintained. Journaling is a great way to exercise your mind. Whether it’s recalling the events of the day or perhaps some creative writing, putting pen to paper is sure to keep your mind sharp.

4. Improve Relationships with Technology

Journaling doesn’t always require a pen or a pencil, computers can be an easy and efficient way to keep a journal while providing easy access to past entries.

For those who may not be as tech savvy, journaling can be a great entry-level activity to help you become accustomed to a new computer or a mobile device.

5. Improving Coordination Skills

Writing is an effective way of improving coordination and motor skills, which in turn will  enhance your ability to carry out everyday activities. 

This is largely because writing engages the brain and other parts of the body, and in the process helps to keep them working in tandem. 

6. Boosting Creativity

Whether you are writing poetry, penning a new recipe, or recording recent adventures, journaling is a great way of keeping your creative side alive and active. Don’t be afraid to treat your journal as a creative outlet where you can jot down new ideas or funny stories. There’s no rule in journaling that says you have to be serious.

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