Life Plan Community: Experience the Benefits of an Active Retirement Lifestyle

January 16, 2018

active retirement lifestyleThe best years of your life are the ones you're living now. Retirement isn't a reason to slow down; instead, it's an opportunity to explore new interests and ideas, meet new friends, and embrace new experiences. You have worked hard your entire life, now it is time to enjoy it in a whole new way.

Today's retirement lifestyle isn't what it used to be--or at least, it doesn't have to be. Today’s retirees have the option to live a luxury lifestyle in an active retirement community. You can maintain the life you love in a community that offers a lifestyle that you’ve dreamed of.

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What is a Life Plan Community?

Communities across the country are improving their service offerings and providing more premium amenities than ever before. This trend has been driven by today’s generation seeking to make to most of their retirement and viewing it as more of a time for self-reinvention. They want to make the most of every moment, maintain excellent health, look forward to new possibilities, and plan for the active lives that they choose to lead. The growing demand for high quality services has produced a resounding response to embrace the opportunity to offer more. Three key elements are at the heart of Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) or what is now referred to as Life Plan. These include offering more than one level of care on one community location, focusing efforts on overall wellness and a healthy, active lifestyle, and becoming established in the community as a socially responsible partner. Today’s retirees have made it clear that they want fresh, innovative, communities that value their residents.

Benefits of Living in a Premier Retirement Community

An upscale retirement community like Moorings Park Grande Lake is more than a home: it truly is a lifestyle, and it comes with a wide range of benefits.

  • Security: Security personnel is on staff 24 hours per day. Meanwhile, assistance and emergency medical service is always available if you need it.
  • Simplicity: One monthly fee covers a flexible meal plan, electricity, heating and air conditioning, water, television, internet, regularly scheduled transportation, personalized concierge healthcare, activities, and so much more.
  • Activities: Whatever your interests, there's something on the calendar for you: wine tastings, cooking classes, fitness classes, cultural events, and so much more. Take your pick from a seemingly endless list of daily events.
  • Dining: Chefs extraordinaire love the beautiful kitchens found in every residence. But, for those who prefer to let someone else do the cooking, a variety of on-site restaurants offer fresh meals prepared by expert chefs in a casual or formal dining setting, indoors or outdoors. Pick-up and delivery is also available when you'd prefer to dine at home. And if you'd like to entertain friends at your residence, you our chefs can customize a menu for your private party.
  • New Friends -. A place to meet new friends and share new experiences with like-minded people in this active community.
  • Lifelong Learning: Our Institute for Continuous Enrichment offers lectures and courses on investing, travel, religion, food, and more.

Additional Benefits: Improved Quality of Life and Well-Being

Active lifestyle community is all about fun, comfort, and convenience: but it can also provide health benefits. Regular social engagement improves your mood, your self-esteem, and your sense of well-being.

Physical Fitness

Whether it's a fitness class, swimming in the pool, or a stroll with new friends, it's never too late to improve your physical fitness, and you have plenty of opportunities to do so here. Mayo Clinic says physical fitness is a key to healthy aging, and with your active lifestyle you might notice some of the following benefits of physical activity:

  • Better balance and reduced risk of falls
  • Reduced risk of certain chronic diseases
  • Improved mood, energy levels, and mental health
  • Greater ease with daily tasks
  • Stronger bones and muscles

Reduced Stress

Transitioning to an active lifestyle community gives you a certain peace of mind. Maintenance free living equals care-free living. Available transportation within the community, between the communities and available for private appointments means more flexibility and convenience. Your healthcare professionals empower you to enjoy optimum health, your housekeeping is taken care of, and you're free to spend your time as you wish. Your private residence is spacious, comfortable, and conveniently located within reach of on-site life enriching amenities as well as the Naples Grande Golf Club and area shopping, dining, and entertainment.

We invite you to discover the comfort, luxury, and joy of living in an active lifestyle community like Moorings Park Grande Lake.

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