Long Term Effects of Poor Sleep Habits

February 22, 2021


Everyone has difficulty getting to sleep from time to time. Drinking caffeine a little too late at night, reading a book we can't put down, or watching the season finale of a show that keeps our mind reeling long after the credits roll. But for those who are experiencing chronic sleep issues and battle insomnia night after night, the consequences can be far worse than a difficult morning or an extra-long day at work. 

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Sleep is so much more than simply recharging the batteries or giving your muscles a break. Throughout the night, your body is working on dozens of projects at once to keep it in peak condition and some of these projects can only be done during the deepest stage of sleep.

How Sleep Benefits Your Body

Improves Memory: One of the biggest benefits of getting enough sleep is its impact on your memory. As you sleep, your brain is able to consolidate what you’ve learned that day and form new memories, especially if you learn something right before bed. More sleep also keeps your brain fit enough to efficiently process new information that becomes memories.

Heal and Protect Your Mind: Getting enough sleep each night helps you to manage stress levels by giving your mind and body a chance to rest and recuperate from the events of the day. It can also help you process information quicker which helps in dealing with stressful situations throughout the day. As your brain works better to process information, it also helps improve critical thinking.

Improve Mood: Getting sufficient sleep helps you to improve your daily mood while sleep deprivation tends to make people cranky, short-tempered, and irritable.

Tips for Healthy Sleep Habits

Finally, here are a few simple but effective tips to avoid the damaging effects of a lack of sleep, and enjoy the full benefits that resting has to offer:

  • Meditation, relaxation and deep-breathing techniques are proven to be effective 
  • Go to bed/wake up at the same time every day, even holidays
  • Spending the hour before bed doing things like reading, listening to a podcast, or taking a bath to relax
  • Exercising during the day to wear yourself out. Be sure to do a slow increase, to avoid injury and allow your body to adjust
  • Use your bedroom as a sleep-only zone, to train your body for bedtime
  • Get sun! The most effective way to make sure your inner clock (circadian rhythm) functions properly is by giving it a clear signal between daytime and nighttime

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