Luisao Morays: Delivering Strength to Successful Aging

September 13, 2021


“A strong body is a happy body,” says Luisao Morays, one of the certified Exercise Specialists at Moorings Park at Grey Oaks.

The Lima, Peru native works one-on-one with members at all skill levels. He has an abundance of experience developing customized training programs which are created to be efficient and effective in building and maintaining clients’ strength and overall health.

Turning an Interest into a Career

Moving to Naples at the age of six, Morays admits he has always been intrigued with the way the body moves and functions. “I wanted to learn how I could take exercise a step further and apply it to different things such as recovery and sports performance.” 

Graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Morays is also a Certified Personal Trainer accredited through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). 

Joining the Moorings Park Communities family nearly six months ago, the avid soccer player notes that each wellness team member delivers their own style of training, from personality to technique. What sets him apart? The heightened energy and extra enthusiasm he brings to every session to support his clients. Undeniable positive motivation. 

Supporting Successful Aging

 Morays’ continuous priority is the overall wellness and successful aging of his clients.

“I believe it is important to stay active as we age so that we can do the things we love for as long as we can,” he shares. “As we age, physically, things tend to become a bit more difficult. The more active we are, the healthier and more energetic we will become, and that feeling is unmatched!” 

Along with personal training sessions, Morays teaches various group fitness classes throughout the day, including Pure Strength, Aqua Tone, Ultimate Stretch, Body Burn, Core Balance, and Foam Rolling, and devotes himself to making each class both challenging and enjoyable. Another class includes TRX, a form of suspension training that utilizes body weight as the resistance and therefore, improves strength, stability, balance and flexibility.

If you’re longing to mix up your wellness routine but these classes seem out of your comfort zone, Morays states that his number one tip to his clients is to not be afraid to try new things.

“If at first something isn’t easy, don’t give up - give it another opportunity. Every professional was once a beginner, and with time and effort, anything can be accomplished. Little by little, we begin to get better and stronger!” 

While Morays’ words are undoubtedly inspiring and helping Moorings Park Community members age successfully, he admits that they give him the motivation in return. 

“It’s a great feeling when those to whom I personal train tell me that they feel stronger, and they feel the exercise is affecting their day-to-day lives in a positive way. It’s good to know that the work I do with Moorings Park members is beneficial to them and makes them happy. These are the reasons why I am passionate and motivated each day.”

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