Moorings Park Recognized as a Blue Zones Project

September 11, 2023


Starting in 2004, a longevity study began on people around the world, and soon many areas emerged as leading in terms of lifespan and quality of life among their residents. These areas were dubbed “Blue Zones,” or places where people regularly live into the triple digits.

The Blue Zones Project® was born from this discovery and is an initiative designed to help make healthy choices easier and more accessible for everyone across the nation. From worksites and schools to restaurants and grocery stores, when an entire community contributes to a culture of well-being, major beneficial change is ignited. These benefits include lower healthcare costs, improved productivity, lower absenteeism, increased engagement, and ultimately a higher quality of life.

Did you know that Southwest Florida is a certified Blue Zone community? Over 800 organizations in the area, including Moorings Park Communities, adopted the Power 9® and other well-being principles as part of their lifestyle and infrastructure.

“Since its inception, Moorings Park Communities was designed around the concept that its residents would live longer, happier, and healthier lives, which perfectly emulates the concept behind the Blue Zones Project®,” said Dan Lavender, CEO and President of Moorings Park Communities.

Dr. Allen Weiss, former President and CEO of the NCH Healthcare System and current CMO of the Blue Zones Project®, played a leading role in the Southwest Florida Blue Zones Project® and maintains a close relationship with Moorings Park Communities, having helped cut the ribbon when the Life Plan Community was officially named a Blue Zones Project® recognized organization in 2016.

Blue Zones History

Dan Buettner, New York Times best-selling author and Blue Zones expert, led the effort in identifying the five areas of the world where people live the longest and are the healthiest: Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece; and Loma Linda, California. It was discovered that all Blue Zone areas shared nine healthy lifestyle habits, which was coined the Power 9®, These habits have been separated into four groups: move naturally, have the right outlook, eat wisely, and connect.

  1. Move Naturally: Blue Zone environments encourage inhabitants to walk and participate in activities through expert city planning.
  2. Know Your Purpose: Research shows that having a clear reason for getting up and out of bed in the morning can help us live both longer and better. 
  3. Downshift: Downshifting is the act of adopting a simple, sustainable lifestyle free of materialism.
  4. 80% Rule: People in Blue Zones make an effort to stop eating when they are 80% full.
  5. Plant Slant: Plant-based diets are the most common in Blue Zones.
  6. Wine At 5: Moderate, regular consumption of alcohol is common amongst Blue Zone dwellers.
  7. Belong: Attending faith-based services can add years onto your life.
  8. Loved Ones First: Keeping family close by can add years onto your life, as well as decrease child mortality rates and lower disease. 
  9. Right Tribe: Surrounding yourself with social circles that support healthy behaviors helps us shape our own. 

Moorings Park Communities Blue Zones Credentials

From healthy menu options and walking paths, to programs and activities that encourage socialization, belonging, and purpose, Moorings Park Communities’ commitment to the Blue Zones Project is evident across all of our three amazing campuses.

The Centers for Healthy Living (CHL) are the heart of the Blue Zone Project’s® initiative. Offering an integrated approach to wellness, the resident-focused, physician-based amenities improve healthcare delivery to residents, expand knowledge of the aging process, and introduce new approaches to care that celebrate the positive aspects of aging while optimizing vitality and happiness.

The CHLs also offer personalized physician services and integrated rehabilitation programs that feature customized cardio and strength programming geared toward seniors, as well as cognitive and memory training.

Blue Zones’ Mission Accomplished

For more than 40 years, Moorings Park Communities has set the standard when it comes to Southwest Florida retirement communities offering luxury residences, world-class amenities, and outstanding healthcare services. With a mission to provide Simply the Best® facilities and services for successful aging, Moorings Park Communities continues to emphasize our Blue Zone mentality across every new initiative and service that we provide for our residents, partners, and community. If you’re interested in learning more about what life could look like at a Moorings Park community, contact us today. 

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