Moorings Park Retirement Community Expands

November 19, 2010

view_MG_3725w skyA Naples retirement community will soon be home to many more. Moorings Park held a groundbreaking on Friday for the addition of 3 new buildings.

Moorings Park has been a retirement community in SouthwestFlorida for more than 30 years and is home to more than 600 residents in Naples. Now they're adding more apartments, a new dining hall and a wellness center.

"We're just terribly excited. I know that there's been a lot of folks that have struggled with the construction. But, it's just been absolutely fabulous. There's huge waiting list still so we're just really excited," said Trish Biebricher, Vice President Marketing and COmmunications MooringsPark.

Construction is expected to be completed by Summer of 2012. They only have a few more apartments left in the new building.

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