Moorings Park Thrill-Seekers Enjoy Another Heart-Pounding Adventure

May 03, 2023

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From jumping out of an airplane to speed racing around the track, Moorings Park Communities’ unique Wanderlust program offers residents exciting, immersive adventures. In their latest trek, residents put the pedal to the metal at the Homestead Miami Speedway. The race course’s Extreme Xperience program lets guests drive a supercar around the racetrack without speed limits.

“The decision to participate was not a tough one for the residents; what will be is deciding between driving the Lamborghini or the Ferrari!” said Robert Sorenson, Moorings Park Director of Wellness, as the group got underway.

Wanderlust Program Creation

The Moorings Park’s Wellness team created the Wanderlust Program to demonstrate that age is, indeed, just a number. The program creates a curated collection of unique and evolving experiences for residents and partners. Residents can share exhilarating activities, set and achieve goals, and embrace an active and engaged lifestyle.

“This all contributes to living a longer and more vibrant life,” explained Robert.

“Many who signed up built their careers in the automotive industry, and I look forward to using this as a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and share their past experiences,” he added.

The Sports Car Engine Is Roaring …

At 10 a.m. thrill-seeking residents from all three campuses met up at the Clubhouse to go onto the bus. After a two-hour drive, they arrived at the Homestead Miami Speedway racetrack. Once there, the residents took in an educational 20-minute briefing on how to drive these supercars, what to expect, and what features will keep them safe.

“I was shocked, how organized and coordinated it was,” said a resident.

After the class finished, they picked their pony from an impressive stable of supercars, including the Ferrari 488 GTB, the Lamborghini Huracan, the Corvette SC8 Stingray, the Porsche 718 Cayman, and more. Helmet on! Sports car engines were roaring and cars were speeding across the track, as Moorings Park residents stepped into their chosen cars together with an instructor.

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Ready? Let’s go! The first round started for many residents as a round to familiarize themselves with the 600 horsepower cars as they purred around the world-class racetrack. By the second round the thrill-seeking golden agers were driving over 100 mph. Coming out of the car many residents were full of adrenaline and eager for more.

Driving To Honor Her Late Husband

After 62 years of marriage Sally Germain, Moorings Park resident, lost her husband last year. Her husband was a huge car lover. When she heard that the Wanderlust program was offering this speeding adventure, she cried out of excitement. Sally was able to go onto another adventure with her husband for one last time. She honored him by taking his driver license in her shirt pocket right above her heart. 

As Sally stepped into her car, you could see the happiness and connection to her late husband in her entire body language while behind the wheel. She took every curve with grace and revved up the horsepower on the straights of the world-renowned racetrack. When her laps came to an end, she stepped out and said excitingly, “I want to go again!” And Sally and her husband, did, for two more encores!

On that day NBC-2 came along and was touched by Sally’s story. Sally was part of an experience of a lifetime which another resident wrote about as well from his perspective and how he really likes this “successful aging thing!”

Lefty’s Journal: On The Way To Successful Aging

From skydiving to driving a top speed of 120mph in a Lamborghini at the age of 80 years old, Moorings Park Grande Lake resident Pat Payne and his wife have enjoyed two of the Wanderlust adventures so far. Pat himself wrote a journal about his experiences and his life called Lefty’s Journal, which Moorings Park will publish along with more stories in the future.

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Last year Pat moved into Moorings Park Grande Lake. A couple of his friends moved here as well. Since then, he has learned much about how nutrition, mental health, exercise and goal setting are a part of a healthy life. He and his wife couldn’t be happier to have moved to their new home.

Pat chose a Lamborghini as his car. He was thrilled with how well this entire day was run by Moorings Park partners and Xtreme Xperience staff. “You know you always want to step your foot on the gas pedal, but you are scared to get registered by a radar and get a ticket. Here we were able to let our inner speedster go,” he said. In one word, he described this adventure to be “exhilarating”!

Lastly, he wanted to convey a message to all people who think about joining Moorings Park Communities: “If you want your sunset years to be as meaningful and exciting as you envision, then you should come to Moorings Park! They will take care of you.” Pat and his wife appreciate the security Moorings Park Communities offers for anything life throws at you, but also embrace the concept of successful aging that Moorings Park Communities offer.

It’s little wonder so many residents agree Moorings Park Communities live up to being “Simply the Best”!

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