The Beacon Award for Best in Wellness: Recognizing the Top 25 Senior Living Communities

January 20, 2020

PhysicalTherapyAs more Americans transition into retirement, there is an increasing number of retirees looking for senior living communities. They want a comfortable environment with luxury residential options and ongoing access to wellness and healthcare. But perhaps, none has done it better than Moorings Park. The Beacon Award, originally created by the International Council on Active Aging and NuStep, LLC, is designed to recognize those communities offering the best in wellness to their residents nationwide and recently recognized Moorings Park with its Best in Wellness Award. You can read our featured article about being named the #1 wellness-based community in North America in The Journal on Active Aging.

So, if you are looking into a senior living community for someone you love, or yourself, you will want to see the best of the best. 

This year's Beacon Award Winner for Best in Wellness is Moorings Park in Naples, Florida!

Not only are there three beautiful campuses from which to choose, as well as luxury residences, but Moorings Park is also the leader in wellness living. With many options at your fingertips, along with the best in the industry health-related amenities, you’ll have peace of mind that comes from concierge physicians and personal healthcare that’s included with residency.

Top 5 Awarded for Above & Beyond Contributions

In addition to being named the Beacon Award winner, Moorings Park was also recognized as the number one Pinnacle Award winner for promoting all seven of the key aspects of health and wellness.

Key Wellness Considerations

In a recent survey conducted by the ICAA, 59% of those senior living facilities questioned, indicated their business models would evolve to embody wellness-centered environments. But what aspects are considered when reviewing health and wellness? 

In recent years, health and wellness amenities have expanded as seniors look to find living communities with more than just a doctor or gym on-site. They want lifestyle freedoms, social activities, and an overall comfortable environment. When evaluating the various senior living communities for this recognition, the Beacon Award honorees are those facilities that excel in these seven key areas:

  • Emotional Wellness
  • Physical Health
  • Intellectual Wellness
  • Social Opportunities
  • Spiritual Freedom & Support
  • Vocational Wellness
  • Environmental Wellness

The best in wellness communities, such as Moorings Park, are those that embrace the idea of creating an entire wellness environment. In doing so, they have the ability to offer longevity and quality of living for residents.

For more information on the many wellness programs at Moorings Park or to schedule a visit or tour on any one of our three campuses, visit our website.

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