Recent FGCU Grad Builds A Career At “The Fountain of Youth”

April 19, 2022

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Because of Moorings Park Communities’ innovative approach to wellness, many residents claim it’s as close to the proverbial Fountain of Youth as you can get. In fact, the organization has once again claimed stake in the International Council on Active Aging’s top awards for wellness communities in North America. “One of the keys to our unique approach to wellness is having the very best wellness team in the industry. We invest a lot in our staff and it pays dividends towards our residents’ health,” states successful aging and Moorings Park Communities Vice President, Tom Mann.

Anyone who has worked within the Moorings Park Communities organization knows how thrilled the Life Plan Community organization is to promote homegrown talent. Moorings Park Grande Lake, the newest community within the organization, is proud to name Daniella Lorio as the new Assistant Director of Wellness.

Lorio, who graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with an Exercise Science degree, started as an exercise science intern at Moorings Park in the Spring of 2018. After she graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with an Exercise Science degree, Moorings Park happily hired her full time.

“Moorings Park Communities has provided many opportunities for growth and innovation while being able to foster a productive and synergistic environment for the partners,” says Lorio. “The relationships I get to build with partners and residents alike are what makes my daily experiences meaningful. Being able to guide individuals on their wellness journey and being able to see their growth and progress over time is a reward in itself.”

From Personal Experience to Professional Career

Lorio, who is also a certified Exercise Physiologist from the American College of Sports Medicine, knew she wanted to dive into the world of exercise science all the way back in 2010. In fact, it all stems from an experience right out of her home. She had witnessed her father’s journey of recovery after he was in a car accident.

“Having to see him go through his own recovery with physical, occupational, and speech therapies really opened my eyes to the world of rehabilitation and what it means to work with people who may have special needs and conditions,” Lorio notes.

“Everyone may have different sets of needs, goals, or expectations so I have learned to become very adaptive to the needs of others. Building these relationships and working with a variety of individuals is a learning experience, and thankfully I am someone who has always loved to learn.”

Growing and Making a Mark at Grande Lake

Her new role as Assistant Director of Wellness at Moorings Park Grande Lake is sure to expand her experience while allowing her to make her mark on the newest Moorings Park Communities campus.

Lorio is eager to learn the needs of the residents at her location and be able to work with them to make sure that everyone has access to a personalized and successful plan in their aging journey. Since it’s a newer and developing campus, this role will provide her with various opportunities and challenges in developing future wellness programs.

“I am very eager to help people discover that they are able to do more than they realize they can. Helping build a confident, safe, and welcoming environment, in a field that most people may not be able to always motivate themselves in is something I am looking forward to.”

And, if you ever see Ms. Daniella Lorio around any of the campuses, ask her what her mantra of the day is. She shares that she chooses a new manta (syllable, word, or phrase) to repeat throughout the day. “It personally has helped me learn more about myself and about the things I want to continue to achieve. It pulls positivity into my day.”

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