Resveratrol: A Key Component in Wine That Boasts Multiple Health Benefits

July 26, 2021

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Velvety and smooth. Bitter or sweet. Red or white. No matter your preference, there are a few surprising benefits to drinking wine as we age, simply due to a key component foun d in the grapes: resveratrol. Of course, we’re talking a healthy amount of wine in moderation.

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Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or are hardly familiar with the different variations of the grape, it might do you some good to enjoy a nightly glass of vino. Sip back and relax as you read the benefits of resveratrol below to understand if it could be beneficial to your health. 

1. May Decrease Inflammation

Like many foods, wine has anti-inflammatory properties. The polyphenol found in the skin of grapes, resveratrol, has anti-inflammatory effects and is high in antioxidants. Inflammation in the body is known to increase the risk of certain conditions like autoimmune disorders and heart disease. 

2. Lowers the Risk of Certain Diseases

Resveratrol can also help reduce the risk of developing certain cancers, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s disease. One study found that resveratrol can limit the development of plaque found in the brains of those with dementia. Red wine, in particular, regulates the glucose count in our bodies and increases insulin, which is highly beneficial for diabetics.  

3. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Wine, in most cases, is also known to be heart healthy. Again, this is due to the polyphenol resveratrol; it can help protect the lining of blood vessels in the heart and decrease “bad” cholesterol. This powerful component can also help stop blood clots and “aids in the right count of our red and white blood cells along with the platelet,” reports SeniorsLifestyleMag.

4. Can Improve Mental Health

A study led by the University of Buffalo revealed that resveratrol has “anti-stress effects by blocking the expression of an enzyme related to the control of stress in the brain.” Take this to the next level by gathering with friends while sipping a glass of wine, and you might see your mental health improve. After all, socialization is also known to improve your mood and overall outlook on life. 

Furthermore, a study featured in The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease found that “regular alcohol intake was associated with better cognitive function relative to not drinking or drinking less frequently.” Ultimately, this suggests that a weekly intake of a controlled amount of alcohol has beneficial cognitive effects, more so than not drinking at all.

In short, wine can help decrease many diseases and health issues when incorporated into your diet in moderation and lead to increased longevity. In fact, wine is encouraged in Blue Zone’s Power 9®, themes found in the lives of the world’s longest-lived individuals.

Too much alcohol is never good, at any age. Be sure to talk with your doctor to make sure alcohol consumption is safe for you, especially if you are on any medications. If alcohol isn’t an option, there are many great alcohol-free alternatives that have notable benefits as well. After all, wine is made from grapes, so you may want to explore integrating more grapes into your diet.

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