Meal Delivery Services: Enjoy Healthy Meals Delivered to You in Naples, Florida

June 03, 2021

Life is wonderful in Naples, especially when you feel healthy and vibrant. And eating the right foods as often as you can help you achieve those goals. Thankfully, healthful and delicious meals are easy to manage when you know where to shop.

Easy, Local Food Available for Delivery in Naples, Florida

One of the nicest things about retirement in Naples is that there are several local grocers that prepare from-scratch entrees and will deliver them to your door via many different available services. Here are just a few of the available services and the grocers who are able to offer the delivery of groceries and meal kits.

Meal Delivery Services

Body & Soul Café

When you want to save time and still eat well, Body & Soul Cafe will deliver exactly what you're looking for. Run by a husband-and-wife team of chefs, the café offers a variety of menu choices including Mediterranean and vegan options.

If you are on a restricted diet, this healthy meal delivery service can happily accommodate your dietary needs. Typical menu items include grilled swordfish with couscous, spaghetti with turkey meatballs, and Bombay style coconut curry. A la carte items such as fresh-baked banana bread and gluten-free almond chocolate chip cookies are also available. The service delivers twice a week. 

Fresh Fit Foods

If you want caterer-quality meals delivered to your door, Fresh Fit Foods is for you. Depending on your monthly plan, you will receive four to eight expertly prepared, ready-to-eat healthful meals that are as good for you as they are tasty. The chef decides what meals to make, but you can expect to receive delicious entrees such as homemade sausage and peppers, Tuscan salmon, and Shepherd's pie with English peas. Of course, vegan options are available, too. 

Fresh Fit Foods offers a special seniors menu that is gluten-free and always delectable. 

Lucky's Market

The newly opened Lucky's Market  is pleased to present local delivery. Visit the company website to order anything from a T-bone steak to toothpaste, and they will deliver the same day.

The next time you're planning a get-together with friends, order all your party ingredients from Lucky's Market, or ask them to bring enough deli sandwiches and side dishes for a crowd.

Wynn's Market Grocery Delivery Service

If you prefer to prepare your own meals from scratch, but you don't have time to go to the grocery store, you'll want to get to know Wynn's Market. The store also offers a user-friendly website where you can place your order for the freshest meats, fish, produce and cheeses in town.

Of course, you can also order dry goods, dairy items, and household products, too, and Wynn's will bring them right to your door.

residents eating together outside at Moorings Park in Naples, Florida

Mobile App Delivery Services


This online service features delivery service from a number of food and drink vendors in the greater Naples area. Check it out at

Publix is now offering delivery service in the Naples area via Instacart. Visit and shop to your heart’s content.


Shipt is another on-line service that provides grocery delivery services. Visit them at or download the app through the app store on your smartphone or smart device.

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