How to Engage in the Seven Dimensions of Wellness While Still Practicing Social Distancing

August 03, 2020

bigstock--361234474-1Social distancing protocols allow many opportunities for residents to engage, and embrace, the Seven Dimensions of Wellness. Many programs can even be performed from the comfort and safety of your home. Improve your wellbeing during this time of uncertainty by following the suggestions below.

1. Physical

Nothing says social distancing like the great outdoors! Get outside where there is plenty of space to walk, exercise, or soak up some Vitamin D! Not able to enjoy the outdoors due to excessive heat or inclement weather? Most physical fitness studios offer some form of distance programming. Moorings Park provides exercise streaming services Monday through Friday on the Moorings Park television network.

2. Social

Social Media outlets, such as Zoom, a mobile video chatting application, have flourished between groups of friends or family affording them an easy way to keep in touch with each other. Next time, talk to friends about reading the same book or watching the same movie so you can group-chat about it later.

3. Intellectual

Some museums, like the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Tampa, the British Museum in London, and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, France, have been providing virtual tours free of charge, so you can take a digital stroll through their exhibits from your own home. Through Moorings Park you are able to access Uplift lectures and educational talks on the Moorings Park television network.  You can also stimulate your brain through the Dakim brain fitness application on your iPad. 

4. Emotional

Meditation applications, such as Headspace and Calm, are growing in popularity and can help you decompress and re-center. Other options such as turning OFF the news, getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper through journaling, or sharing how you feel with someone you are comfortable with, are other outlets to help keep your inner and outer emotions in balance.

5. Spiritual

This period provides a great chance to explore different activities, such as meditation, mindfulness, self-reflection, or religious practices that further connect to your spiritual side. Additional resources such as online sermons, relaxation podcasts or techniques, and virtual groups or one-on-one services, can further assist you on your spiritual journey. Pastoral calls are always an option through the Moorings Park Chaplain. 

6. Vocational

Have free time, special skills, or items to get rid of? Try connecting with a local food bank, support group or other organizations that provide volunteering opportunities, or are in need of specific items, such as food or clothing, to provide for needs within the community.

7. Environmental

Connecting with your environment, whether it is out in nature or within the environment of your own home, is possible through a variety of activities. The Naples Zoo has daily videos highlighting zoo animals with educational lectures and/or demonstrations, and the Naples Botanical Gardens is providing free “Do It Yourself” fun gardening activities with instructions, educational information, and plant-based recipes. Don’t forget that Moorings Park has plenty of walking trails across campus, along with a butterfly garden, a dog park, and the Orchid House to help you feel one with nature. 

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