Soothing Or Striking? Interior Design Trends Appeal To A Panoply Of Palettes

November 07, 2022


To an outsider, the world of cutting-edge interior design can present a bewildering cacophony of voices. Should our homes be a comforting, natural refuge from a tumultuous world? Or should we embrace the easing of so many recent social restrictions and design our nests with an exuberant playfulness? You’ll find leading interior designers championing both approaches.

Back To The Future

“Trends always come in cycles and usually bounce in opposite directions,” Texas-based designer Sarah Stacey recently told Southern Living. "Minimalism was so popular (and still is) for so long that maximalism is bound to continue to make a comeback. Maximalism is all about embracing ‘extra’—be it a floral velvet, bullion fringe, or a 19th century French Commode.”

Jenna Gross of Colordrunk Designs commented to Southern Living, “People want to have more fun at home, and they are willing to use bolder combinations of colors, patterns, and decorative elements than we have seen in years. Watch for interiors that are exuberant but sophisticated, where even small details like cabinet hardware and decorative trims add some ‘wow’ to a room.”

Color My World

On the other hand, Lindye Galloway of Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop sees a demand for a more soothing decor. “Warm beiges, browns, blues and greens will provide comfort in homes with a calming presence and a look that is easy on the eyes. Furniture with blonde wood will help keep spaces looking light and airy,” she told Good Housekeeping.

Another Texas designer, Traci Connell, commented to Elle Decor, “I'm finding that our clients are more apt to incorporate moody colors into their homes as opposed to stark whites. We’re using aubergine, hunter green, black and warmer alternatives to white such as taupe, beige, and cream. These moody spaces feel a bit more expressive and are certainly cozier.”

The shift in color palette is something that Moorings Park Project Coordinator Jacqueline Brown has noticed as well. Jacqueline works with residents in Naples’ trio of leading retirement communities — Moorings Park, Moorings Park Grey Oaks, and Moorings Park Grande Lake — to assure their new homes are everything they want them to be.

“Greys are on their way out,” she says, with a number of residents opting for a more nature-oriented color scheme.

Open And Airy

Helping residents personalize their new homes is a responsibility for which Jacqueline is uniquely equipped. She has nearly two decades of experience in the industry, and has won the coveted Sand Dollar award for her work.

She’s noticed a number of shifts in interior design, some broadly accepted, and others unique to retirement communities.

“The shift to more open floor plans is a long term trend that Moorings Park communities have embraced,” she explains. “It’s just the way our culture functions now. There’s less formality in our social attitudes, and I think we want our homes to reflect that.”

The erasure of formal room divisions is even seen in the approach to flooring.

“Floorings tend to have a lot less carpet than they used to, and will be a lot more seamless,” she explains. “Often there’s no flooring transition between rooms, so the visuals don’t break up the line of sight.”

Lighten Up

Technology has also had a major impact on interior design, Jacqueline notes.

“The widespread adoption of wireless technologies has given us a lot more flexibility,” she says, pointing out that in the past, dealing with wiring while rearranging an interior would often present its own little challenges. This is no longer true.

“Giant TVs are everywhere,” she notes.

“Lighting has really stepped up its game,” Jacqueline adds. “In walk-in bathrooms, we use an occupancy sensor to light up the floor level, which is softer and gives residents a sense of security.”

The careful attention to lighting can be important for retirees.

“As we age, we can become more sensitive to light, so too much light can feel like way too much,” she explains. The intensity of light bouncing off shiny countertops, for example, can strain the eyes. Less shiny or matte countertops ease the problem, and dimmers are often deployed throughout a residence.

“Part of what we offer are things that people haven’t thought of yet,” Jacqueline says. “We bring solutions, we don’t bring problems.”

Nature Inside And Out

The impulse among a number of leading interior designers to bring a more nature-oriented aesthetic to homes is something that Margie Scribante can relate to. The Moorings Park resident greatly appreciates the gorgeous greenery she sees outside her ground floor residence.

“It’s like living in your own home in a park,” she says. “I love to sit in the living room, looking out there, and do meditation in the morning as people walk by. It’s very beautiful.”

Her approach towards interior design tends a bit towards the maximalist approach.

“It’s very eclectic; I have a little bit of everything,” she explains. Some of her favorite pieces include her grand piano and a ‘bit of nature’ in the form of a life-sized statue of a cheetah. “People rave about them. I have a lot of interesting things.”

Your Retirement: Exactly As You Want It

“Residents at Moorings Park, Moorings Park Grande Lake, and Moorings Park Grey Oaks enjoy the finest retirement lifestyle in the region,” says Tom Mann, Vice President and Senior Living Specialist for Moorings Park Communities. “What exceptional designers like Jacqueline Brown do to make sure a resident’s home is everything they want it to be is just one piece of the puzzle.

“There is so much more to life at a Moorings Park community,” he says. “There are the extraordinary on-site restaurants, the personalized fitness programs, the concierge physician services, and each campus’s vibrant social life.

“To better grasp what Moorings Park communities have to offer, I strongly recommend anyone interested to take advantage of one of our upcoming Informational Luncheons on November 17 or November 18,” he says.

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