The 4 Strengths of Aging

April 09, 2020

bigstock-vision-wisdom-and-old-people--300614944People are living longer. In fact—according to Dr. Marc Agronin—the fastest-growing age group in America is people in their 100s. That’s because people are finding out that in order to live a long and healthy life, you need to stop defining aging as a decline and see it as a means to gain strength.

The 4 Strengths of Aging

How does aging make you stronger? There are many factors that come into play such as better decision making, maturity, and experience, but the true answer is that with time and age comes more brain development and the continued growth of these 4 “Strengths of Aging.”

1. Wisdom

As we age, our brain is able to absorb our experiences and the adversity we’ve faced to help it think in more pragmatic ways. Do you think you make better decisions for yourself now vs. when you were 18? Of course, you do! Your brain is stronger and is better at performing balanced decision making.

2. Resilience

All of that accrued wisdom and experience comes from the fact that as you age, your brain becomes more resilient to adversity. Why? Because you’ve faced it, you’ve overcome it and consequently, your brain has learned how to deal with it more effectively. 

3. Purpose

With time comes knowledge about what you like, what you love, and what you’re truly passionate about. This leads to a positive attitude and healthier life because you feel a stronger sense of purpose.

4. Creativity

Many think of creativity as a young person’s game but some of the best -known artists in the world have become better with age. Your creativity not only continues to develop as you age, but it is enhanced as well.

With age comes strength and that strength is manifested in many different ways that help shape our lives. By leveraging the four strengths noted above, we can live a healthier and longer life.

The Moorings Park Solution

Of course, one of the biggest aspects of aging well is health-related. As one of the only providers of concierge physicians and personalized healthcare in the greater Naples area, Moorings Park supports the four Strengths of Aging through its many integrated health and wellness programs.

With an ongoing mission to provide Simply the Best®, programs, services and amenities that enable our residents to live happier, healthier, and longer lives, Moorings Park contributes daily to the successful aging of the mind, body and spirit. To find out more visit them online at or call for your complimentary information at 239-643-9111.

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