The Peace of Mind of Future Care: Understanding the Advantages of Planning for Retirement

June 07, 2018

NaplesRetirementLivingThere are many things in life that we plan for: our future, our family, our finances – to name just a few. 

As we age, the need to plan ahead takes on a whole new meaning. That’s especially true for those of us approaching retirement. It’s no longer a “we’ll see what happens” approach. Instead, many pre-retirees are planning for their retirement, as well as their retirement home, years before it actually takes place.

Our Levels of Care Give You Peace of Mind

Planning for the future gives families peace of mind. With more information available to us than ever before, finding the ideal place to retire is simply a matter of doing a little research.

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Life Plan or CCRC Communities

Life Plan Communities (formerly known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs) are highly sought-after options for today’s retirees. Due to the fact that this may be your initial introduction into the CCRC lifestyle, you may be looking for luxury independent living, but with the knowledge that if a higher level of healthcare is needed, it can be provided.

All of this and more can be found at Moorings Park Grande Lake, one of the newest Life Plan (CCRC) communities in Naples, Florida. Moorings Park and esteemed luxury custom home builder and developer, London Bay Homes, have formed a partnership to create an incredible neighborhood designed for the next generation of residents.

Planning Early is Key

Many of us consider retirement options long before we are ready. We want to know what our options are now, while we are healthy. We also want to take our time to find the perfect community, where like-minded people live. Planning early also helps with the process of deciding what to take to our new retirement home and what to give away if the move involves downsizing.  

Most Life Plan Communities require residents to qualify both medically and financially for independent living through an assessment protocol. Moving into independent living while you are healthy and active offers peace of mind for you and your family, and enables you to fully enjoy your retirement years. Planning early will undoubtedly lead to a longer, healthier, happier life that comes from the security of knowing that a full range of services are available onsite and that they are included through the continuum of care provided by your Life Plan Community.

Onsite Healthcare Services

An extensive menu of healthcare services is available to residents of Moorings Park Grande Lake.  One such example is our onsite physician services, dedicated exclusively to our members and our residents. These services are included on all three campuses through our Care 360 healthcare program, which was developed in partnership with NCH Healthcare System. The Care 360 program offers a higher level of personalized primary care and is available to residents of Moorings Park with no additional fees, other than typical co-pays.

By planning early – and planning for potential down-the-road needs – well-informed future retirees like us can find our forever home and the peace of mind that comes along with it. For more information regarding the Florida lifestyle, or to learn more about our luxury Life Plan (CCRC) residences, contact us today.

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