Tips for Playing Golf After 70

December 31, 1969

Golf is a game that can be played at any stage of life. But after the age of 70, certain age-related challenges may arise. Continuing to play golf late in life will come with its challenges. With the right modifications you can easily extend your golfing career and even improve your current game.

Here are 3 tips from the wellness team at Moorings Park to help adapt your game as you age.

Tip One: Include a warm up 

Before you hit a single ball include the following exercises. Warming up the muscles will increase range of motion, increase blood flow, reduce the chance of injury, and improve performance.  

Cross Arm Trunk Rotations

Liam 2Liam 1





Side Bends with Club

Liam 3Liam 4





Club Assisted Squats

Liam 6Liam 5





Tip Two: Shorten the Backswing

Shortening the backswing will not only reduce the amount of torsional force in the lower back, but it can improve accuracy and consistency. A shorter backswing will not significantly affect golf ball distance.      

On the left, you'll see an example of a typical backswing. On the right is what a shortened backswing looks like when done properly.

Example of a standard backswing in golfLiam 8





Tip Three: Utilize Assistive Devices

The repetitive nature of golf can place a high level of stress on the knees and back. Simple assistive devices can reduce much of this stress keeping you pain free and playing longer.  

Ball Retrieving Aids and Ball Teeing Device

golf 4Golf requires a lot of repetitive bending over the course of an entire game, these two tools are built to significantly reduce that bending by helping you pick up and tee your ball with ease.



Gripping help

golf 2-1One of the most important parts of golf, obviously, involves the grip on the club. Use gripping aids, like additions to your club or special gloves, to help you maintain a solid grip without tiring your hands.



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