Top 10 Reasons Why a Moorings Park Community is One of the Safest Places in Southwest Florida During a Hurricane

August 28, 2020

hurricane season safety measures moorings parkHurricane season is upon us and the next few months represent peek storm activity in Southwest Florida. Moorings Park Communities take the safety and security of its residents very seriously and as such, prepares for hurricanes on a year-round basis. 

Below are the top 10 reasons why Moorings Park Communities are some of the safest places in Southwest Florida for you or your loved one to be. 

1. Moorings Park Communities Prepares Year-Round for Hurricane Season

Moorings Park Communities review emergency preparedness on a year-round basis. All three campuses review and update their respective Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMP) in the spring for submission to the Collier County Emergency Management Office. This update is  followed by a mobilization drill involving all departments and specific outsourced contractors. Collection of updated staff and resident information is part of this protocol. At the end of each hurricane season, an administrative review of hurricane protocols is completed to help identify best practices and opportunities for improvement.

2. Staff Members Receive On-Going Hurricane Training

Moorings Park Communities holds annual training for all staff. Day-long mobilization drills for each department allow staff to experience and react to “real world” scenarios. Staff members are trained on their specific roles and responsibilities in the event of a storm; this includes the mobilization of buses and other vehicles in the event of an ordered evacuation.

3. Residents are Well-Informed about Hurricane Preparedness

Each campus holds annual hurricane training for residents. The presentation addresses hurricane basics: what to expect if a hurricane threatens Southwest Florida, as well as a brief overview of protocols and resident responsibilities should an evacuation be ordered. 

4. Hurricane Kits and Emergency Contact Information 

Prior to hurricane season, management updates phone numbers and emergency contact information as a part of the resident’s personal Hurricane Plan. Residents are also provided detailed information regarding recommended items for their personal hurricane kit.

5. Across-the-Board Team Participation 

All staff members at all three campuses are assigned to one of two teams during a hurricane.  One team is responsible for community support prior to, during and immediately after a hurricane hits the area. The other team offers relief after the storm has passed and roads are open for safe travel. 

6. Equipment and Supplies Help Before, During and After the Storm

Our communities are equipped with a myriad of equipment and supplies that may be needed in the event of a hurricane. Dewatering, dehumidification, air blowers and state-of-the-art emergency generators are just a few examples. Each campus is stocked with non-perishable food and drinking water to help sustain resident and staff needs during prolonged periods.

7. Effective, Consistent Communication

Each campus appoints a Resident Information Officer who is responsible for resident communications prior to and immediately after the storm. Prior to the storm, our residents can expect to receive communication through the individual campus websites, an emergency broadcast system known as Informacast and even Town Hall-style meetings.

External communication with friends and families is facilitated through an Emergency Link on the Moorings Park Communities websites; This is updated on a frequent basis as conditions change.

8. Safe Evacuation 

In the event that Moorings Park Communities is mandated by government authority  or if the CEO determines that an evacuation is in the best interests of our residents and staff safety, then we will arrange and undertake financial responsibility for all travel and lodging expenses at a predetermined location. Transportation is provided via motor coach buses for independent and assisted living residents. Those who require higher acuity care are normally transported on smaller buses to an alternate skilled nursing facility with which Moorings Park shares an agreement.  

9. All Campuses Are Hurricane-Rated

All residential homes on each campus are outfitted with hurricane-rated glass. On-site generators ensure electricity to critical systems for our residents in Independent Living. Our Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities have large generators capable of supporting normal utilities, including air conditioning for up to 96 hours. 

10. Outside Contractors Are Engaged As Needed

While staff members immediately commence post storm clean-up activity, Moorings Park Communities also maintains service agreements with companies to provide special support services such as  water remediation, building repairs, fuel and food delivery and landscaping clean-up.

Moorings Park Communities has been caring for its residents for over 40 years providing award-winning health and wellness services, luxurious residences and an active, vibrant lifestyle. To learn more about our Life Plan communities, contact us today for your complimentary information kit.

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