What is a Power Plate and How Can It Benefit You?

August 01, 2022


Our bodies undergo tremendous changes as we age. Some people experience reduced strength, mobility, and balance. But the good thing is that we can take good care of our bodies and health to feel rejuvenated no matter our age.

Having regular and conscious exercise can positively impact the human body and improve the typical aging symptoms. This can be possible when using a power plate. Let’s take a look at what a power plate is, the benefits, and why seniors need them. 

What is a Power Plate?

A power plate is a vibrating machine that uses technology for whole-body exercise. The vibration works at high speed and transmits a wave of energy to the entire body to stimulate, contract, and relax muscles. A power plate machine moves in different motions, making the body maintain balance. Today, people can access vibration plates at gyms or have them in their homes.

What are the Benefits of a Power Plate? 

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Many medical and scientific studies show that power plate technology is highly beneficial and is primarily used in sports centers and wellness facilities. This machine can also help seniors and offers multiple results and benefits to their bodies. 

A vibration plate is powered to naturally cause the body to respond to precision vibration, targeting different areas of the body and offering effective results. The motors underneath the platform transmit vibrations to the machine to engage the muscles consistently and in a controlled manner. Here are some of the benefits of a power plate: 

  • Strengthens and builds muscle in less time.  
  • Decreases stress and improves mood immediately. 
  • Reduces hip, back, pelvic floor, and inner thigh pain.
  • Allows users to choose a workout that best suits them. 
  • Increases body metabolism and minimizes the chances of gaining weight. 
  • Improves blood circulation and boosts the immunity system. 
  • Helps the body produce hormones that repair damaged muscles and bone tissues. 
  • Enhances flexibility, balance, mobility, and stability in the body. 

Power plates also play a crucial role in helping the body recover from injury and cool down the body post-workout. Since vibration plates are low impact, they ease the body post-injury and reduce stiffness around the affected joints and muscles. They reduce the lactic acid build-up in the body, making you feel better and recover from workout muscle aches. 

Power Plate for Seniors 

Keeping fit is essential as we age, but many exercises can be hard on seniors' bodies; some bodies need low-impact exercises to avoid injury. Low-impact exercise is easier on the joints since it doesn't impose much pressure and weight on the ankles, hips, and knees. 

Seniors can use power plates to slowly build their overall strength without worrying about the risks of getting injured. They provide a gentle way to exercise with quality movement more than most workouts for seniors. If you are an older adult or you have an elderly family member, power plates are safe ways to start a workout program. 

Most power plate exercises occur in reclining or sitting positions. When using power plates, seniors experience muscle contraction and stabilizing, which increases flexibility, strength, balance, and postural control. Additionally, power plates are fun and easily accessible. 

Consistent exercise is an essential practice for successful aging. This can be most beneficial if you work with a group of friends or other like-minded people. Moorings Park Communities offers multiple social activities to help you or your loved one stay healthy and active. Contact us today to learn more about Moorings Park Communities.

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