When Is Health And Fitness A Real Estate Feature?

November 21, 2022

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For people raising a family, buying a new home means more than comparing the houses that catch their eye, and weighing things like mortgage rates and square footage. It often means scrutinizing the quality of important peripherals like the local schools, for example.

Retirees have different concerns.

Homes That Promote Healthy Futures

“Seniors who move to full-service retirement communities want to maintain their busy, active lives,” says Tom Mann, Vice President and Senior Living Specialist for Moorings Park Communities. “They want to make sure the support services they may need will let them do that.

“Few things have as dramatic an impact on a senior’s quality of life as maintaining or improving their physical health,” Tom points out. “It’s why one of our key support services — our personalized fitness programs — are so popular.

“It might seem odd to see a fitness program as a real estate consideration,” he continues. “But for our market, it’s very real.”

The success of the personalized fitness programs at the Moorings Park communities — Moorings Park, Moorings Park Grey Oaks, and Moorings Park Grande Lake — is borne out by the experiences of residents like Joy Spivak. She and her husband, Dr. Jerald Spivak, moved into the Moorings Park flagship community a year ago.


On The Move

Joy had been impressed with the visual appeal of the Center for Healthy Living, located in the community’s gorgeous Clubhouse. (“Pictures don’t do it justice,” she says.) But her experience with the fitness programs is one of the key things that she enjoys about having moved to Moorings Park.

She balks at naming her favorite activity.

“I have so many favorite things,” she says. “I like working on the weight machines; I like the line dancing. I try to do something every day — you gotta keep moving! Here that’s easy to do.

“Of course, the staff at the Wellness Center is fully trained, but that’s only a small part of it,” she continues. “They have passion! They’re devoted to helping people in the training and exercise classes, and have the patience to work with senior citizens.

“Most importantly, they care. They become family,” she smiles. “I go almost every day. If I’m not there, I get a call!”


Positive Feedback

Robert Sorenson, Director of Wellness for Moorings Park, says that Joy’s enthusiasm is not unique.

“The feedback we get from residents participating in the personalized fitness programs is unanimously positive,” he points out. “We hear it very frequently that it’s the reason that they moved to a Moorings Park community. They’re happy with it. They want to continue to do what they’ve been doing far beyond their move-in date, and they’ve come to rely on our team to do so. It’s also one of the reasons why all three of our communities are continually ranked as the very best in North America by the International Council on Active Aging.

“We see more than 70 percent of our independent living residents participate in a fitness activity at least once a month,” he continues. “We put a lot of emphasis on having fun.”


Take Your Pick

The sheer variety of physical activities available to residents of Moorings Park communities means almost everyone can find something that energizes them, whatever their fitness level. Each community has at least one outdoor pool (Moorings Park Grey Oaks has two). The pools are all designed to accommodate aquatics classes and casual swimmers simultaneously. There are several bike tours organized by residents every year, including a tour in Spain. Golf aficionados will appreciate that each of the Moorings Park communities is located right next door to a golf course.

“It’s not uncommon for the more athletic residents to pick up a new sport that they’ve never tried before. Over the summer, nine of our residents went skydiving in Spaceland for the first time. It’s pretty cool to watch the residents encourage each other to do these things,” Robert smiles.


“Simply The Best”

The success of the Moorings Park approach to retirement living is readily seen in the plaudits from residents like Joy.

“This place has the best food, the best everything,” she says. “We feel that however long we had coming in, this place adds years to your life. You couldn’t get a better staff!”

“We want to see residents flourish,” Robert agrees.

“The enormously successful personalized fitness programs are an important part of the health care services residents at Moorings Park communities appreciate,” says Tom. “Other important facets of that care include access to concierge physicians, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing care should you ever need it.”


More Than Fitness

“But health and fitness is only one part of life at Moorings Park communities,” Tom adds. “Residents at Moorings Park, Moorings Park Grande Lake, and Moorings Park Grey Oaks enjoy spacious, elegant residences customized to their exacting specifications with the help of our expert design team. The architecture is gorgeous, and the views exquisite.

“The social activities on our campuses are every bit as engaging and varied as our fitness programs,” he continues. “To better appreciate the immensely rewarding lifestyle available to residents of Moorings Park communities, people will want to visit one of our sites and see for themselves.

“A great opportunity to do just that is our upcoming Informational Luncheon at our newest community, Moorings Park Grande Lake, on Friday, December 2nd,” he says. “This may be particularly appealing for those wanting to see the stunning architecture and beautiful lake views at this community. Moorings Park Grande Lake is for people who truly appreciate luxury, high quality services, and healthcare with prices ranging from $1.8 million to over $6 million.”


You’re Invited To A Delicious Lunch and Learn

If you’re ready to sample the outstanding Moorings Park lifestyle, you’ll want to attend the delicious Informational Luncheon at Moorings Park Grande Lake on Friday, December 2nd at 11:30 a.m. This event will be held inside the campus’s gorgeous Clubhouse, the lively social hub of the community. Grande Lake’s talented culinary team will treat you to a delicious lunch while you get a detailed explanation of the community’s services and pricing.

To register for this savory event hosted by Moorings Park Grande Lake, please visit, or call 239-232-3903.

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