Workout From Home Using Things Around Your House

May 11, 2020

workout-at-home-elderly-womanExercise is vital for the mind, the body, and spirit. There are plenty of ways to work up a sweat from the comfort of your home. If you don't have any gym equipment of your own, no worries as we’ve included 10 everyday household items you can use to complete your daily workout.

Using a Countertop or Wall

Countertop push-ups are an excellent introductory push up to start building strength. Simply stand with your feet and hands shoulder-width apart and push up to what you’re comfortable with. This is a great alternative to standard push ups because it eliminates the need to get down on the floor and, by adjusting the distance between you and the wall, allows you to adjust the difficulty.

While using your wall or chair, you can also make use of them for any assisted stretching, wall sits, calf raises, and many other exercises. You can also use your chair (and even your couch) for simple squats.

Cans, Rice Bags, and Other Alternatives for Weights

Numerous household items can replace dumbbells or weights. Cans of food and bags of rice are some of the best options that you probably already have in your home. They are easy to hold and provide the right amount of weight for simple exercises like curls for biceps and triceps. 

Robe Belt

If you don’t have access to resistance bands for exercise, taking the belt out of your bathrobe can be a simple and easy solution. It makes an excellent alternative for a resistance band and opens up the possibilities of many at-home exercises for you. 

Resistance bands are perfect for tough, but low-impact, workouts and stretching. They’re extremely versatile and can be used in a lot of ways that work on all different parts of your body.

Towel or Blanket Yoga Mat

Yoga is widely known to be beneficial for the mind and body.

It relaxes the mind, stretches the body, and results in a total body workout that’s peaceful and, for some people, a relaxing retreat. 

There are a wide array of free yoga classes to stream for all experience levels. If you don’t have your yoga mat at home with you, a simple towel or blanket can act as a sufficient alternative

For the residents of Moorings Park’s communities, our wellness coaches are available via phone or email to personalize a stay-at-home exercise plan created especially for them. Moorings Park’s ongoing commitment to wellness is evidenced by the recent award from the International Council on Active Aging. The Beacon Award, designed to recognize retirement communities offering the best in wellness to their residents, bestowed the honor of the #1 wellness-based community in North America on Moorings Park in October of last year.

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