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December 14, 2020

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“To me, design and style should work toward making you look good and feel good without a lot of effort - so you can get on with the things that matter.” -Donna Karan

One of the reasons people move to Moorings Park Communities is that they want to live life to the fullest…to focus on the things that matter. They also want to live in a residence that is uniquely theirs, one without compromise.

Trend-setter and Interior Designer Lori Wegman and her firm, Wegman Design Group, is the team behind the interior of Moorings Park Grande Lake’s stunning new Clubhouse, now under construction in the new Life Plan Community.

The lakefront masterpiece takes its inspiration from the connection between the community’s grande lake and the nature that surrounds it. Organic shapes and patterns, natural materials, textures and colors are being utilized to create an overall ambience that is light, relaxed and casual, but also rich and dynamic.

South Florida Trends

Whether it’s designing a beautiful clubhouse or a condominium’s interior, good design starts with the basics and what better place to begin than with the home’s color palette. “Grey is still in, but I think the rest of the country is catching up to blue, navy and indigo as a new neutral in place of black  or white,” Lori said.

MixedMetalsArePopularToday (1)“But particularly in South Florida, we are already seeing people starting to lean more toward whites and creams and warmer neutrals coupled with earthy or muted accents.”

As to trends in kitchen design, Lori noted that painted flat or simple shaker-style cabinets are still the most popular. She said, “Very few people want the more traditional raised panel design for cabinets and interior doors. These cleaner, more contemporary lines get a little lift from items such as backsplash materials that still offer a lot of opportunity for design expression.”

While brushed nickel fixtures are still preferred, the talented designer has noticed a growing trend for light brushed golds and champagne colors in hardware and lighting. Using mixed metals in small spaces is becoming more popular as well. 

“Matching is not the rule anymore,” Lori said. “It’s more important to define two metals and then apply them in such a way as to complement each other, such as brushed nickel faucets with gold lighting and cabinet pulls, or by replacing the brushed nickel faucets with matte black for a more modern look.” 

Beyond what colors and finishes are trending, Lori also has the inside scoop on what lifestyle trends individuals are searching for in their homes. 

“One of the continued lifestyle trends we’re seeing is merging indoor and outdoor spaces to connect with nature,” said Lori. “Really, it’s a congruent flow of live plant material, natural woven textures with washed tones of wood, concrete and stone. Through a more subtle application of finishes, you get more of a retreat feeling inspired by nature.”

Form Follows Function?

When it comes to furnishing your home, Lori’s firm places as much emphasis on form as they do on function. 

“We’re seeing more minimalist shapes on one hand and more unique statement pieces influenced by art on the other,” she continued. “Handcrafted furniture has moved from farmhouse-inspired to a cleaner, more modern industrial look than before with an emphasis on purer materials, detailing and luxury.”

Luann Powers Gliwski of Romanza Interior Design, a sister company of London Bay Homes, made note of custom niches to homes that are growing increasingly popular with today’s buyers.

“Wine rooms have really taken off. We’re doing them more so now than ever before and people just love them,” she said. “We’re even doing a lot of unrefrigerated ones. People love the aesthetic of them and want to create a space dedicated to wine in their homes.” 

Luann designed both the Brook and Cascade models at Moorings Park Grande Lake. Both models reflect the latest design trends in flooring, furniture, cabinetry, lighting and décor.  

A wire-brushed oak floor in a medium tone is found throughout the Brook model while neutral cabinets and quartz countertops create a neutral backdrop for the furnishings.

The latest design trends and then some are reflected not only in Lori’s designs for the community’s new Clubhouse, but can also be found in Luann’s interior designs for the two model homes at Moorings Park Grande Lake. For an up-close and personal look at the latest design trends in flooring, fixtures, cabinetry and more, a visit to the new Moorings Park Selection Studio or London Bay Development Group’s Selection Studio is definitely in order. Regardless of which Selection Studio you visit, you’re sure to discover an amazing array of choices to fit your lifestyle and tastes.

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