Best Online Learning Courses for Boomers

January 03, 2022


One thing that is wonderful about retirement is that you have time to explore and learn things you never had time to do. When you put time into learning something new, you keep your mind active. Not to mention, it can lead to exciting conversations and interactions with others. And, you may also discover that you could be an asset to others through your new skill.

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With today's technology, you can learn from the comfort of your home and work it into your schedule whenever you're ready to expand your horizons. Take a look at the online courses that are sparking interest in other seniors. 

Listen to the Influence of Classical Music

If you have a love of music, but you do not know the dynamic history, you have the opportunity to learn how classical music influenced our favorite tunes. "From the Classical era to the Romantic and Baroque eras, you will chart the progression of classical music until arriving to the present day." It's amazing that you can find hours of "Beethoven - Greatest Hits" online that you can share with neighbors.

Learn a New Language

Traveling and experiencing new cultures around the world is an exciting pastime for many retirees. Having the ability to communicate with the locals always makes for a better adventure. Sometimes, it takes time to plan a trip to another country. Learning a language could be a fun way to prepare for your next international journey. You can take advantage of online language courses to help you learn as many languages as you would like. What an exciting way to explore the world and make new friendships!

Share an Online Blog 

As the Online Course Report suggests, seniors have years of "knowledge, wisdom, and storytelling" that would be valuable information for the younger generations to have as a reference. Whether it's about finance, cooking, or the best books you have read, you can share what you know through your designed blog.  

Learn How to Garden

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own fruits or vegetables, this MasterClass is for you! Learn from Ron Finley as he shows you how to grow and harvest your own food, how-to-gardening, and how to care for your plants no matter the size! Earn your green thumb in this fun and practical two hour class.

Advance Your Sewing Skills

If you’d ever wanted to learn about knitting, quilting, sewing, or more, then you should check out these classes from Learn how to make hats, alter dress shirts, make a blanket, and plenty of other projects. A monthly membership starts at $7.99 or they have an annual membership. There are over 1,500 classes so there is plenty to learn.

Retiring to one of the Moorings Park Communities, you will have many opportunities to enjoy a lifestyle that offers many amenities to stay active, relax, and enjoy time to pursue your interests you never had time to do. Come for a visit to our three beautiful campuses, and see how your retirement years will be everything you worked hard to achieve. Located in one of Southwest Florida's unique towns, you will love exploring Naples. It is one of the best places to retire in the United States. We're here to welcome you to your new home.  

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