Retiring with Your Pet Can Be One of Life’s Greatest Joys

April 18, 2022


Pets give us unconditional love, amazing companionship, and the exercise we need when we walk and play with them outdoors. In particular, many retirees discover that having a dog or cat is one of the greatest joys of their life.  During our golden years, we have extra time and attention to give to our four-legged friends.  But when you’re considering moving to a retirement community, one question looms large:  Can Fido come too?

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Dogs Love Playtime, Indoors or Out

Luckily, many senior communities not only welcome pets, but also provide them with special amenities just like their owners – from pet walking paths and dog parks to washing stations for muddy paws.  At Moorings Park Communities, you’ll find plenty of walking paths and a dog park to enjoy during those sun-filled days in Naples, Florida.

Daily Walks are Healthy for You and Your Dog

While some people think all dogs need lots of space to run, there are many breeds that are perfectly comfortable snoozing most of the day away.  They’re just happy to be wherever their owner calls home.

Of course, taking regular walks is not only a great way to keep your dog healthy, but it’s also excellent exercise for you. Depending on your dog's size, 20 to 45 minutes of walking each day is plenty, and you can break that time up into shorter walks if you prefer.

Make a Play Date at the Dog Park

Many pet parks offer off-leash time, allowing your dog to run and socialize with other canine friends.  While the dogs are having a great time running wild, you and other owners can develop meaningful friendships by sharing your cutest pet stories or the incredible things your dog may be able to do.

Have Fun Inside When You Can't Go Out

On those days when you can’t get outdoors, there are fun things to do with your dog inside. It's good to change up your routine, and your pet will enjoy it too. They love playing fetch, hunting for hidden treats, or having a grooming session at home. It’s a good idea to have treats and toys at hand to keep your dog busy and out of trouble.

Cats Make Ideal Pets for Retired Life

Indoor cats can also be great companions during retirement, especially for those who find walking a dog too much of a chore.  Some cats love to play catch or bat a small ball between their front paws, while others love the act of catching their prey. Like dogs, cats need some playtime every day for optimum physical and mental health. 

Hunting, Chasing, and Climbing High

You can have an enjoyable afternoon watching your cat play with treat-dispensing toys. Some are perfect for hiding around your home, allowing your cat to hunt for its food. Dragging a ribbon behind you is a great way to keep your cat entertained and following you around for healthy exercise. 

Many cats prefer to be off the floor, and they love being up high. Cat towers can give an indoor cat a great place to climb, sleep, or just enjoy some private time alone. 

At Moorings Park Communities, we offer a premier, pet-friendly retirement lifestyle in Southwest Florida. Contact us to visit our beautiful grounds - perfect for a daily stroll with your dog or an enticing cat’s eye view from the window of one of our luxury residences.  

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