Six Top Health Benefits of Swimming for Seniors

June 06, 2022


Not only is a dip in the pool cool and refreshing, but it can also be a great form of exercise too! Everyone is aware that an active lifestyle, including regular exercise, can improve the quality of life by improving your heart health, increasing flexibility, and building muscle mass. Swimming is a great form of exercise and is great for seniors. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

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Health Benefits of Swimming

All ages can benefit from swimming. According to the Center for Disease Control, more people report enjoying exercise in the water than on land.  This may have to do with the fact that they can work out longer in the water with less stress being put on their joints.  Swimming seems to benefit anyone from the most physically active to those with mobility challenges. And it can be customized to your personal preferences.  If you prefer to exercise alone, you can swim laps or work out singularly.  If you like a more social activity, there are classes featuring water aerobics or resistance training that can be done with your friends.  

1. Improves Heart Health

Any form of exercise that raises your heart rate, will build that heart muscle and improve your endurance. Swimming can also help reduce blood pressure, improve circulation issues, and help raise good cholesterol. Swimming for 30 minutes per day has also been shown to reduce heart disease by as much as 30 to 40 percent in women.  

2. Reduces Fall Risk

Falls are the number one injury among seniors and they can often be prevented with regular exercise.  Swimming improves overall stability and posture by working all major muscle groups, especially the core muscles and large leg muscles. In addition to increasing strength, swimming also increases flexibility, which combined, offers a more stable gait and less fall risk.  Researchers found that in a study of men over 70 who were swimmers, were 33% less likely to fall than non-swimmers.

3. Easy On Joints

Because exercising in water provides resistance, your joints can stay loose and flexible, without experiencing pain from exercises that are a higher impact.  You can build bone strength as well, which helps to fight osteoporosis. Swimming or just pushing through the water offer resistance 12 times greater than pushing through the air, and the danger of hurting yourself by lifting heavy weights is avoided.

benefits of swimming for seniors

4. Better Sleep

Swimming is a good way to reduce stress, relax your body, and can even make you tired.  That means you may be able to fall asleep easier, and have a more restful night once you have dozed off. Swimming can boost endorphins, create positive social benefits, and contribute be better overall well-being.

5. Burns Calories

Because you aren't sweating, you may not realize that you are burning significant calories while swimming.  Of course, the number of calories burned will depend on your weight, the intensity you are working out, and the length of time.

6. Boosts Mental Health

Reduced stress, socialization, better heart health, and less pain, all add up to a boost in mental health. Swimming is a great way to keep your body feeling its best while improving your overall mental health at the same time. Socializing with like-minded participants can help with loneliness, improve mood, and even decrease anxiety.

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