The Benefits of Aquatic Exercises

October 25, 2021


The beauty of living in Southwest Florida, besides the literal beauty of the location? The fact that the sunny, warm weather permits swimming all year round. Swimming is not only fun and offers a way to cool off, but can assist our bodies with various exercises, especially while in recovery.

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Let’s dive into how aquatic exercise can add depth to our health.

What is Aquatic Exercising?

Aquatic exercise is a great low-impact way to improve muscular endurance and strength. It mimics regular movements and stretches, except the addition of water offers a resistance to strengthen the muscles while keeping pressure off the joints.

Certain gear can be added to add weight and resistance to your workouts including wrist or ankle weights, foam dumbbells and pool noodles, resistance gloves or bands, or a kickboard.

What are the Benefits of Aquatic Workouts? 

There are immense benefits of working out in the water due to the mild resistance it provides. When injured, it helps assist with active recovery, making movements gentle on your muscles, joints and bones. Aquatic exercises are also beneficial to those who suffer from balance issues.

Additionally, this form of fitness can improve heart health, increase core/muscular strength and endurance, support weight loss, and assist with increasing mobility and flexibility. Like with any form of exercise, aquatic workouts also help reduce stress.

Types of Movements

For beginners, the best type of water workout is 10-to-20-minutes of water walking. This promotes a straight, tall posture with your core deeply engaged to keep you upright. Furthermore, you want to focus on long strides and press into your heel before putting any weight on your toes. Start with about two sessions a week.

Jumping jacks, arm lifts, and high knees are popular moves for beginners as well. As you advance, weights can be added to increase the resistance and up your strength. 

For those looking to exercise in a fun group setting, "Aqua Tone" is a Moorings Park Communities Exercise Specialist-led group class that is meant to challenge the muscles. Aqua Tone classes are offered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; participants can enjoy motivating music, low-impact exercise, and the company of dear friends.

For those more experienced or wanting one-on-one sessions, private 60-minute Exercise Specialist-led Aquatic Training Sessions can be tailored to your goals through Moorings Park Communities wellness department. 

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