2022 Fitness Trends for Seniors

January 10, 2022


It's that time of year when many of us set goals for ourselves, especially fitness goals. Keeping fit is more important than ever as we age. Let's see what's trending that might keep you inspired to stick to your fitness goals all year.

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1. Outdoor Activities: Always Trending in SW Florida 

As we continue to stay mindful of our health during this pandemic era, getting outdoors in the fresh air is paramount. Now that we're in some of the best months of the year in Naples, Florida, there are trending activities for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Pickleball is an Engaging and Fun Outdoor Activity

While pickleball has been around for some time now, it's becoming more and more popular. Resorts are redesigning their tennis courts for this active sport that combines badminton, ping pong, and tennis. Easier on the knees than tennis, pickleball offers a host of benefits for seniors to stay active and engage in 2022. 

Cornhole Offers Fitness Fun Inside and Outdoors

Another competitive game that continues to bring people of all ages together is cornhole. For seniors, it not only offers a lot of fun, but it also has benefits that will help seniors with "mobility and leg strength," "balance and hip mobility," and "depth perception and vision." Other yard games, like bocce and croquet,  are some that will never get old when it comes to outdoor fun among friends.

Walking Offers Seniors an Easy Fitness Routine

Walking is one exercise for seniors that will never stop trending as one of the best things to do to stay fit and healthy. Whether you like to get out for a brisk walk in the morning, or you prefer to take a stroll at the end of the day, walking can be done anytime, and almost anywhere. If you haven't heard of Leslie Sansone, you may enjoy taking a heart-healthy walk with her in the comfort of your home. 

2. Technology: Advancing How Seniors Can Stay Healthy, Fit, and Safe

We are in an exciting age of technological advancement. For seniors, there are devices and applications that can help them monitor their health, fitness, and offer mental stimulation.  

Wearable Technology for Better Medical Awareness

A growing trend that offers fitness benefits to people of all ages is wearable technology, and there is an exciting development in medical wearables. For seniors, "medical wearables have a variety of features that can help with preventative care, peace of mind, or even gathering information to help determine a future plan of care." 

Mobile Applications for Health and Safety

For smartphone users, there are applications that you can download onto your phone that can help you keep up with appointments, medicines, and more. If you want to keep up with your daily steps, you will be able to see how many you get in by the end of each day.

Mobile Apps for Brain Fitness, Engagement, and Entertainment

Exercising your body is not the only way to stay fit. There are fun mobile apps that will test your brain, let you listen to your favorite tunes, or connect with family and friends that are miles away. And, for those days when you want to take a relaxing walk alone, you can turn on your favorite music to get your body moving, or find a great novel that will let you get lost in the story while you're making every step count. 

3. Wellness Programs: Ideal for Catering to the Individual

Health and wellness programs are not only for seniors, and they are great for addressing any individual's needs. After working and raising a family, it's not always easy to establish a healthy routine. When you talk about wellness, that is inclusive of diet, exercise and so much more, with the main goal of benefiting a person's overall well-being. 

Naples is one of Southwest Florida's most intriguing cities to retire, and Moorings Park Communities is proud to offer a premier retirement lifestyle of fitness, wellness, and community in Naples, Florida. We welcome your call to set up a visit to see our three beautiful campuses.

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