Why It's Important to Stay Socially Active in Retirement and Six Ways You Can Do It

December 26, 2022

Retirement is a wonderful opportunity to relax, try new things, and make new friends. Staying socially active in retirement is extremely beneficial because it can ward off feelings of loneliness and help you feel more independent and happy. There are plenty of ways for you to stay connected with friends and family, but let’s take a look at these six ways!

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1. Find Walking Buddies

Staying physically active is important for retirees, and when done with a friend or group, it can help boost social connections. Consider finding local walking buddies (or joining an existing group) to stay active while also enjoying some quality conversation. Most likely, you will meet many interesting people in your area with whom you can share stories and have some fun.

2. Join or Start a Club

Joining a club is one of the best ways to stay socially connected in retirement. Whether it's a book group, bridge club, gardening club, or any other type of interest-based group, you're sure to find something that sparks your interest and provides the perfect opportunity to make new friends. You could even start your club if there's not one currently available. A club will help you stay connected, enjoy the company of like-minded individuals, and even learn something new. 

3. Take an Educational Class

Learning is a great way to stay socially active in retirement – and it can also provide some mental stimulation as well. Consider joining a class that helps you develop a skill or express your creativity. There are plenty of educational classes available specifically for seniors – from computer courses to yoga and cooking classes. It's a great way to stay engaged with your community, explore new topics, and make some new friends along the way. 

4. Get Involved in the Greater Community

Getting involved in local activities can help retirees stay socially connected while also giving back to the community. It could be anything from attending meetings at the local library to helping out in the soup kitchen, organizing charity events, or helping out at shelters or local schools. Volunteering can be a fun and rewarding experience that will help you build relationships with others while also making a positive impact on your community.

5. Travel

Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences for retirees, as it opens up a world of opportunities to connect with new people and explore different cultures. Whether it's taking a road trip across the country or hopping on a plane to visit family, traveling is an excellent way to broaden your social circle while learning something new.

6. Explore Creative Side

Retirement is the perfect time to explore your creative side. This could include painting, pottery, writing, joining a choir, or joining a theatre program. Creative activities are an excellent way to contribute to successful aging by fostering a sense of purpose and growth. Research also shows that participating in the creative arts leads to better cognitive function, memory, and self-esteem, reduced stress, and increased social interaction.

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